PRP 3463 - Prior Version

PRP 3463 - Prior Version

Issued By: Dr. Patrick J. Schloss, Interim Provost and VPAA

Effective Date: Fall 2001

Notes: Endorsed by Graduate Council 12/1/00. Approved by Bloomsburg University Curriculum Committee, February 14, 2001.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, after the schedule change period and continuing until three weeks past mid-term, if a student withdraws from a course, a grade of "W" will be recorded. As a means of notification to the instructor of the intent to withdraw, a student is required to obtain the instructor's signature and the signature of the program coordinator on the withdrawal form. No withdrawals will be permitted after the close of the workday three weeks after the middle day of the semester. For summer sessions and courses not taught on a regular semester basis, the Registrar will prorate the date appropriately.

Prior to the last week of classes, in exceptional circumstances, for compelling, justified and documented reasons, the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research may waive these restrictions. Poor academic performance will not constitute grounds for late withdrawal. If withdrawal is granted after the deadline, the grade is W providing the student is passing the course, and E otherwise.

A limit of two (2) withdrawals during the degree program shall be permitted. Re-registration for withdrawn courses requires the approval of the program coordinator. Students withdrawing from the university may exceed the two course withdrawal limit. Faculty are encouraged to include the university late withdrawal policy on the syllabus distributed to students at the beginning of the semester.

Refund of tuition for withdrawn courses are prorated based on week of withdrawal. The refund policy is published annually by The State System of Higher Education.