The Presidential Leadership Program

Our mission at the Bloomsburg University Presidential Leadership Program is to recruit and retain exceptionally talented and highly motivated students by providing an enhanced, interdisciplinary educational experience, which will drive professional and personal achievement. Additionally, the Bloomsburg University Presidential Leadership Program anticipates greatly improving both the institution’s culture and that of the local community. The Presidential Leadership Program offers its members enhanced engagement opportunities focused on three main categories: Leadership and Professional Development, Community Engagement, and Social Integration. As a program within the Center for Leadership and Engagement, it is designed to provide students with opportunities to further develop leadership skills and promote a sense of community. This is done by engaging students in active learning that empowers them to "practice what we preach" as a university.

Who are we?

The Presidential Leadership Program is an exclusive group of students who take part in different community service and leadership events.  We work together to become better leaders and have the opportunity to work closely with our University President.

What are we about?

Our program is based on developing and growing as a group and as individuals to further improve ourselves for the future.

What do we do?

We provide professional development and leadership events such as our Etiquette Dinners and Fireside Chats where we learn more about being professionals and preparing for life during and after college.  Our work in the community has had a great impact on each individual who takes part in these opportunities provided such as volunteering at Habitat for Humanity or at the Ronald McDonald House.  Through our meetings with the University President, we are able to grow and take our program even further each and every year.