Planning and Assessment Staff

Planning and Assessment Staff


Sheila Dove Jones, EdD, assistant vice president

Sheila Dove Jones

Dove Jones manages the operations of the Office of Planning and Assessment and collaborates with the campus community to assess and achieve the goals of the strategic plan, accreditation associations, and General Education student learning outcomes.

Debra M. Mucci, BA, administrative assistant

Debra M. Mucci

Mucci provides administrative and budgetary support for the Asst. V.P., Office of Planning & Assessment. In addition, she assists with the documentation of the 5-Year Program Reviews, University-wide Accreditations, and the Middle States Accreditation Process for Bloomsburg University.

Jessica Thomas, BA, Clerk Typist

Jessica Thomas

Thomas assists with testing in the BU Testing Center and in the development of General Education (MyCore) VALUE Rubrics.


Kathy Kollar-Valovage, MS, MSIT, CCEP, Test Center Coordinator

Kathy Kollar-Valovage

Kollar-Valovage serves as BU's Test Center Coordinator. She is responsible for providing national, graduate, professional certification and distance-education exams to students and the general public in a professional, secure and accessible environment. She also assists with the administration of university assessments.

Karen Davis, Test Center Administrative Assistant

Karen Davis

Karen Davis serves as an exam proctor in BU’s Test Center. She is responsible for providing a professional and secure testing environment for administrating national, graduate, professional certification and distance-education exams.

Jerrold Harris, PhD, research, compliance, and assessment

Jerrold Harris

Harris serves as coordinator of research and compliance in the Office of Assessment and Planning. He is responsible to designing and assisting with the designing of assessment surveys, developing reports, collecting general education (MyCore) data and communicating results to departments, faculty and staff.

Jessica Heid, MS, Institutional Compliance Program Coordinator

Jessica Heid

Heid serves as coordinator for State Authorization for Bloomsburg University. She is responsible for ensuring compliance with state regulations regarding out-of-state field experience activities as well as distance education offered to students residing in states other than Pennsylvania. In addition, Heid has oversight for BU’s MSCHE Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations.

Lauren Fuhrman, BA, MA, statistician

Lauren Fuhrman

Lauren’s background in teaching mathematics and statistics aids in the data analyses used to support university-wide growth. She uses her experience with the auditing of public education and teacher preparation curricula to assist in the statistical evaluation and renewal of programs at BU.


Meaghan Fuhrman, BA, MA, statistician

Meaghan FuhrmanMeaghan serves as a statistical analyst in the Office of Planning and Assessment. She uses her strong background in social science to inform survey research, statistical procedures, quantitative and qualitative data analyses and procurement, and the communication of results relating to student learning and assessment at BU.

Aimee Wenta, BA, statistician

Aimee Wenta

Wenta supports the design, implementation, and analysis of assessment data to evaluate program-level and student-level outcomes. She is excited to produce data-driven insight to promote institutional effectiveness.


Mindi Miller, PhD, CRRN, Middle States Self-Study Co-Chair

Mindi Miller

Miller is a nursing faculty member currently working in the Office of Planning and Assessment as part of the university’s Middle States Commission on Higher Education Self-study team. MSCHE reaccreditation affirms quality education and the institution’s eligibility for federal funding.