Office of Planning and Assessment

Office of Planning and Assessment

Student Outcomes Workshop

Planning and Assessment Contacts

Assistant Vice President
  Sheila Dove-Jones | 570-389-4027
Coordinator for Research, Compliance and Assessment
  Jerrold Harris | 570-389-4080
Institutional Compliance Program Coordinator
  Jessica Heid | 570-389-3862
Administrative Assistant
  Deb Mucci | 570-389-4024
Clerk Typist
  Jessica Beaver | 570-389-4098
Lauren Fuhrman | 570-389-3874
  Meaghan Fuhrman | 570-389-5345
  Aimee Wenta | 570-389-4225
BU Test Center Coordinator
  Kathy Kollar-Valovage | 570-389-5294
Middle States Self-Study Co-Chair
  Mindi Miller | 570-389-3875

2203 McCormick Center for Human Services
570-389-4024 | Fax: 570-389-3043

BU’s Office of Planning and Assessment (OPA) works with a diverse group of administrators, faculty, staff, and students to meet the accreditation, assessment, and strategic planning needs of the university.

In collaboration with the campus community, the Office of Planning and Assessment focuses on strengthening BU’s commitment to institutional effectiveness in providing a high quality and affordable education.

OPA is dedicated to:

  • Supporting academic and other units in articulating, implementing, and documenting outcomes assessment plans, the data they generate, and the actions that follow from them
  • Coordinating, communicating and supporting the implementation of BU’s Assessment Plan
  • Providing departments and committees with assessment data for accreditation purposes and with tools for meeting accreditation requirements for assessment
  • Communicating external assessment requirements to the campus community and assuring BU’s compliance
  • Analyzing and reporting data from standardized assessments to university stakeholders to guide the revision of university strategic planning, initiatives and programs
  • Serving as a communication center for outcomes assessment reporting to internal and external audiences, as required
  • Providing student testing services for academic placement
  • Administering standardized tests, such as the NSSE, as required
  • Providing research and survey development support services for faculty and staff

Articulating BU's Assessment Plan

At its session on Nov. 20, 2014, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Acted: To accept the MSCHE Periodic Review Report and reaffirm accreditation. The next evaluation visit is scheduled for 2018-2019.

Solicitation of public comments was conducted January through mid-April 2014. John Riley and Sheila Dove Jones co-chair this committee. Appointees include: Joan Benek-Rivera, Regina Bobak, Sheila Dove Jones, Erik Evans, Tom Fletcher, Marika Handakas, Linda Hock, Jeff Long, Debbie Mucci, Linda Neyer, Margaret O’Connor, John Riley, Rosalee Rush, Stephanie Schlitz, Lisa Stallbaumer-Beishline, Deborah Stryker, Claudia Thrush, and Nancy Vasta.