The Pilot - Student Services

The Pilot - Student Services

Student Health Center

The goal of the Student Health Center (SHC) is to provide high quality, basic healthcare services to the students of Bloomsburg University. Every effort is made to offer accessible medical care designed to meet the needs of the majority of students. The SHC is not designed to serve students with special clinical needs or to order extensive diagnostic studies, but we will assist students in establishing the care needed within the surrounding Bloomsburg Community, or coordinate care with a specialist from home

Eligibility for Care

Students taking 9 or more credits on campus will have full access to the SHC and will be billed the Health Services fee with their tuition.

Students taking less than 9 credits on campus, e.g. student teachers, students registered in extension courses, or students enrolled in internships are not billed the Health Services fee. To access services they must sign a fee agreement at the time of the service, and will be billed the Health Services fee by the Business Office.

All students taking summer courses will be assessed a prorated Health Services fee based on the number of credits taken.

High school students taking courses will be held to the same SHC eligibility requirements as all other BU students.

Faculty, staff and all campus visitors requiring medical care will be instructed to go to the Geisinger-Bloomsburg emergency department or their private health care provider.

ALL NEW STUDENTS are required to complete and submit their Health Form online, regardless of the number of credits they are taking.

Health Center Web Portal/Access Your Account

Hours of Operation

Student Health Center operating hours are determined based upon the Health Center usage by the majority of BU students. Current hours of operation are:

During Fall and Spring Semesters:
Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

During Summer Sessions:
Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

During Semester Breaks:
Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Students requiring urgent medical care, who cannot wait for the SHC to open, are urged to report to the nearest emergency room. All costs generated at the medical facility will be the financial responsibility of the student, and/or the student’s personal health insurance.


In case of an emergency, dial 911 to activate the Bloomsburg Area Emergency Medical System (EMS), or dial the Bloomsburg University Police Department at 389-4168. The BU police are First Responders on campus and can assess the situation, administer first aid, begin emergency care and will determine if an ambulance is needed, or whether the student can be safely transported via a police vehicle. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE STUDENT HEALTH CENTER FOR EMERGENCY CARE.

All costs associated with the activation of EMS will be the responsibility of the student and/or the student’s personal health insurance. The SHC is not responsible for costs of emergency care and transport.

Health Insurance

Bloomsburg University strongly recommends that all students purchase appropriate personal health insurance coverage. The Health Services fee will cover basic medical care received at the SHC. If health insurance is not carried by the student, the university WILL NOT be held responsible for costs of health care received at other medical facilities.

A student without health insurance may choose to purchase a health insurance plan available to students, or purchase a different plan of their choice. The plan available to students is designed to meet the needs of the individual student at the least possible cost, balancing necessary coverage with affordability.

All questions concerning student insurance coverage and claims should be referred directly to the insurance company.

Health insurance is a requirement for all international students as directed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Delivery of Medical Care

As a medical facility, the SHC must comply with the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). You will receive the Notice of Privacy Practices upon your first visit to the SHC and must acknowledge receipt of this information online. The Notice of Privacy Practices is available in our waiting room and on our website, along with the Student’s Bill of Rights.

Students who cannot keep their scheduled appointment must call to cancel at least 2 hours prior to the appointed time. Failure to cancel an appointment will generate a “No Show” fee. The student will be billed $5 for missed short appointments, and $10 for missed long appointments. If the No Show fee is not paid, the SHC will place a “Hold” on the student’s records which will prevent future scheduling and registration.

Students with medical questions/concerns may call to speak with a Triage Nurse during SHC operating hours. Triage numbers are: 389-2272, 3800, or 5055.

A “Self Care Unit” is also available to students within the SHC. Students who only require over the counter medications/supplies to self-treat, may utilize the Self Care Unit located in the waiting room area of the SHC. This unit is stocked with over the counter cold medications, acetaminophen, band aids, antibiotic ointment, self care pamphlets plus other supplies. Use of this unit is free and available to all students.

There are a number of other services offered by the SHC for an additional fee. Payment for these services is expected at the time of the visit. Services include well physical exams, vaccinations, pregnancy testing, Emergency Contraception, Strep A and Mono testing and a limited number of prescription drugs frequently prescribed by the SHC.

Reproductive Health Services

Columbia Montour Family Health provides gynecological services and free sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing on campus one day per week in McCormick Hall. Free HIV testing and counseling are also available at Family Health. Students may be seen on or off campus by calling for an appointment at 387-0236. Fees for service are based on a sliding scale according to income, and may also be billed to the student’s personal health insurance.

Class Absence

If a class is missed due to illness, it is important that the student contacts all professors involved as soon as possible, to develop a plan to make up missed class work. The SHC does not issue excuses for missed classes. If a student misses a class, or up to 2 days of classes, due to a personal medical or dental appointment, he/she should request a doctor’s certificate to validate the medical or dental appointment. If the student is evaluated at the SHC, the student may request a “Verification of SHC Visit” form. This will verify the date and time the student had an appointment at the SHC. The student may then show this form to the professor(s) to validate the student’s visit.

When a student must miss 3 or more consecutive days of classes, due to a medical or surgical illness, the SHC will initiate the policy on Extended Medical Illness (EMI). The EMI memo will be sent to all the professors listed on the student’s class schedule to validate the student’s illness. It is the student’s responsibility to contact all their professors to make up all class work and tests.

Please visit our website at, for more information.

Student Religious Observances Policy

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania promotes and encourages a climate of dignity and respect wherein individuals are free from discrimination or differential treatment because of their religion.

Students may observe their religious holy days/holidays without penalty or undue hardship. Students are expected to notify their professors as early as possible prior to any anticipated absence. Faculty are to include in each class syllabus a statement which (1) instructs students to notify them about anticipated absence(s) for religious observance(s) and (2) explain how the missed work or exams can be made up.

If you feel your rights have been violated on the basis of religion or some aspect of this policy, please contact the Department of Equity and Accommodations, Room 043, Warren Student Services Center. The phone number is 389-4529

Kehr Union

The mission of the Kehr Union is to provide a student governed and operated facility to enhance student life outside the classroom and to serve as a meeting place for all members of the university community. The Union is committed to diversity and serves as a forum for programs presented by students, academic, community and off-campus organizations.

The Union provides facilities for many services, including the Multicultural Center, Student Health Center, and Husky Lounge Snack Bar. A computer lab, photocopiers, games room and meditation room are used daily by students. Comfortable lounges and a number of meeting and event facilities are available for the university community.

The Student Activities/Kehr Union offices are housed on the 300 level of the Union. Student organization offices located in the Kehr Union include Community Government Association, Kehr Union Program Board, Dean of Students Office, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Alpha Phi Omega and United Christian Ministries. The Kehr Union Program Board is the student organization responsible for many programs in the Union and elsewhere. Any student may join the Program Board.

Kehr Union Welcome Desk

The Kehr Union Welcome Desk provides information about services and events that are available in the Kehr Union. It is located inside the patio entrance to the Kehr Union. Open 7 days a week during the semester, it is staffed by student employees. Student organization mailboxes are located at the Main Desk. Services provided by the Kehr Union Welcome Desk include:

  • Approve signs to be hung in the Kehr Union bulletin boards, according to Kehr Union
    Governing Board policies.
  • Maintain folder for incoming completed registration forms for Program Board and Homecoming.
  • Check student IDs to confirm payment of current semesters Community Activities fees.
  • Issue summer Town Pool passes.
  • Assist customers with the use of the copier machines.

Campus Publications

The Voice

The Voice, the student-run newspaper, is published each Thursday. Students are responsible for all of the written material, editing, layout/design, advertising and production. The Voice is open to all interested students and accepts materials such as letters to the editor and student cartoons.

All correspondence should be addressed to, the editor, who has the final decision on publication of all material. The Voice office is located in Schuylkill Hall and the phone number is 389-4457. For the online edition, visit the website at

Bloomsburg Literary Journal (Warren)

The Bloomsburg Literary Journal is published each spring and features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and artwork by Bloomsburg University undergraduates. Work should be submitted electronically to Prose should not be longer than 12 pages double spaced, and no more than 3 poetry submissions. Art must be 300 DPI. Entries should include the writer’s name, address, email address and telephone number on a separate title sheet. No name or other identifying information should appear on the manuscript. Staff membership is open to students in any major. Those interested in joining the staff should contact the Editor or the Advisor in the English Department.


Obiter, the university yearbook, contains pictures of organizations, students, faculty, events, and more of the past academic year. It is given as a graduation gift to seniors from the Community Government Association. Others may purchase a copy at the University Store. Portraits of graduating seniors are taken every fall and spring for use in the yearbook. Each Obiter covers the following graduation classes in each issue: August-December-May. If you have questions concerning the yearbook, please call 570-389-4465.

Yearbooks are mailed to the address listed with the Registrar for seniors at the time of graduation. Every year, many yearbooks are returned as “undeliverable” due to incorrect addresses on file, so please notify the Registrar of any address changes immediately to prevent this from happening to you. Please refer to page 26 for details.

Bloomsburg: The University Magazine

Bloomsburg: The University Magazine is published three times a year by the Office of Marketing and Communications. A publication that contains feature stories as well as news updates about the university, Bloomsburg Magazine is distributed free of charge to alumni, families of current students and friends of the university and can also be found online at

The Arts

Kenneth S. Gross Auditorium

Over 150-year-old Carver Hall is the icon of the university and is home to the Kenneth S. Gross Auditorium. An intimate 600 seat Victorian hall, Gross Auditorium is the showcase facility for a myriad of student and university presentations. With the use of multi-media presentation technology, Gross Auditorium hosts meetings and lectures as well as musical and dramatic performances. It was the exclusive home for the 2008-2009 season of the Celebrity Artist Series while Haas Center for the Arts was under renovation.

Mitrani Hall

Located in Haas Center for the Arts, Mitrani Hall is the largest indoor performance hall/auditorium on campus and in northeastern Pennsylvania. With a seating capacity of almost 2,000 and fully equipped with technically advanced audio and visual projection and computer technology, Mitrani Hall is the performance space for many university and student performing arts groups. Every genre of the performing arts has been presented on this stage by student, faculty and guest performers, as well as professional entertainment brought to campus by the Celebrity Artist Series. Mitrani Hall provides a large lecture, meeting, and gathering facility for campus events and other groups from throughout the area. The Haas Gallery of Art is located on the balcony level of Mitrani Hall and features exhibits by student and professional artists throughout the year.

Cultural Activities

The Bloomsburg Players

This co-curricular organization for theatre presents four major productions during the academic year and at least one during the summer term, including musicals, comedies, and serious works, contemporary and classic. Produced in conjunction with the Division of Theatre and Dance, the shows offer occasions to work as an actor or technician with professional directors, designers, and performers as well as opportunities for advanced members to direct and design.

The Players also offer a variety of other production and social activities such as presenting original scripts and one-act plays, theatre workshops and trips to New York or outstanding regional theatres. Membership is open to the entire university community and all are welcome to audition or participate. Headquarters are backstage in HCA. Notices of activities are posted on the callboard there, listed in The Voice, and announced by WHSK. For further information, email:

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Website displays updated information

Student Organization Information

(Additional information is available from the Office of Student Affairs, Kehr Union Room 329).

Fundraising Policies

Recognized student organizations may raise funds on campus and off campus provided the event has been approved and they do not become a public nuisance in the course of such activities. Organizations who wish to sell/solicit in residence halls and athletic areas must also receive permission from the appropriate administrators. Door-to-door solicitation or bake sales are not allowed in the residence halls. A fundraising application must be completed on HuskySync, under the forms tab at least two weeks in advance and approved by the Assistant Director of the CLE for Student Organizations. Any individual organization, which is not a bona fide contingent of the university community, whether engaged in charitable activities or seeking private profit, may not solicit business or donations on campus.

T-Shirts and Signs/Posters

T-Shirts and posters used for fundraising purposes may not contain the following: references to drugs and alcohol, illegal activity, profanity, nudity, violent images, inappropriate language or any other item which would be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct found in this publication. In the event a recognized student organization posts informational signs/posters at unauthorized locations on campus, actions will be taken by the Associate Director of Auxiliary Services as outlined in the corresponding policy in the Student Affairs Office.


Banners may be hung in the Kehr Union in the specific space an organization has reserved for their event, and only during the time of the actual event. Banners must be of professional quality, construction with nylon, vinyl or a similarly strong material. They should have metal grommets for hanging, and they must be designed and lettered in a professional and appropriate manner. Banners may not be larger than 4 feet by 6 feet and they must represent an active University group as recognized in this publication. They may not contain any of the following: references to drugs and alcohol, illegal activity, profanity, nudity, violent images, inappropriate language, or any other item which would be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct found in this publication. Requests to hang permanent banners must be made through the Associate Director of Auxiliary Services and they will be referred to the Kehr Union Governing Board. A representative from the group must attend the Kehr Union Governing Board meeting to show the banner and explain why they would like to hang it in the Kehr Union. It is at the discretion of the Associate Director of Auxiliary Services to decide exactly where a banner will be hung. The Associate Director of Auxiliary Services and the Kehr Union Governing Board each reserve the right to deny the hanging request of a group based upon any of the aforementioned policies.


Groups desiring media coverage for fundraising and other university-related events of interest to the general public should contact the Office of Communications located in Waller Administration Building, extension 5134, or via e-mail to Services may include preparation and distribution of news releases and coordination of coverage by local and regional media outlets. Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis and should be made at least four weeks prior to the event. Groups desiring coverage by The Voice, WHSK, and/or BUTV should contact those outlets directly.

Events Management Guidelines

Specific events management system (EMS) guidelines have been developed for student organizations desiring to sponsor activities or events. Only recognized clubs and organizations can request space on campus through EMS and they must be on the updated roster located within their HuskySync portal. Printed copies of the EMS guidelines can be obtained in the Student Activities Office during normal business hours. It is the responsibility of each recognized student organization to be familiar with the content of the EMS guidelines. Questions related to the guidelines should be directed to the Student Activities Office.


Bloomsburg University owns and controls the use of its name(s) and other marks, logos, insignias, seal, designs, or symbols that are associated with the university. These include, but are not limited to, the words “Bloomsburg University,” “Bloomsburg,” “BU,” “Bloomsburg Huskies,” “Bloomsburg University Huskies,” along with the university seal, institutional marks, or any derivations therefrom. (BloomU is not an acceptable identifier of the university.)

Any individual, organization, or company wishing to use Bloomsburg University trademarks for any purpose must obtain permission to do so from Bloomsburg University. All commercial use of Bloomsburg’s trademarks must be licensed and shall be regulated by the Office of Communications of Bloomsburg University. The administrative responsibility for the licensing program rests in the University Advancement Office and the point person is Tom McGuire. All artwork approvals for university marks must be approved by Tom McGuire.

Use of Bloomsburg University’s marks without license or permission is strictly prohibited. Bloomsburg University will take whatever measures necessary to protect its trademarks from infringement.