The Pilot - University Services

The Pilot - University Services

Department of Equity and Accommodations

The Department of Equity and Accommodations proactively monitors Bloomsburg University’s compliance with Affirmative Action/Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity legislation for all segments of the population without regard to race, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. The university’s policies regarding nondiscrimination apply to all aspects of student life. Of particular concern to students might be areas such as admissions, financial aid, access to majors and courses, support services, housing, and student employment. The Deputy to the President for Social Equity is available to speak with any individual who believes he/she was subject to harassment and/or discrimination. Students may file formal grievances by using the student grievances procedures outlined in the “Policies” section of The Pilot. For further information, contact the Deputy to the President for Equity, located in room 114 of the Waller Administration Building. The telephone number is 570-389-4553.

The Campus-Wide Committee on Human Relations, the Commission on the Status of Women, and the University-Community Task Force on Racial Equity serve to foster an environment that is conducive to academic and personal growth for all individuals on the Bloomsburg University campus. Committee members welcome student input and suggestions for maintaining a supportive campus atmosphere. It is important to note, however, that while the university is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination for students, students also have the responsibility for maintaining an environment that is discrimination-free and supportive of human relations. Toward this end, students will be expected to treat all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus with respect; make an effort to understand and appreciate the differences that exist among people; refrain from subjecting other individuals to opinions of a derogatory nature; and evaluate faculty on the basis of performance-related criteria only. For further information, contact the Deputy to the President for Equity, located in Waller Administration Building, Room 114, 389-4553.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
ADA issues can be addressed by contacting the Deputy to the President for Equity, Room 114, Waller Administration Building. The phone number is 389-4553. Office hours are 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Official Voting District

Bloomsburg University campus is voting district Bloom 3-2, Columbia County, serving students in residence halls and upper campus apartments registered at these addresses. Students living off-campus, may register to vote in Columbia County and vote at other nearby districts in town. To register to vote one must be a US citizen and 18 by Election Day. Registration closes 30 days before the election. Changing or initiating voter registration to Columbia County while a student at Bloomsburg University does not impact permanent residence status. Commuters must register and vote in their county of residence.

There are several reasons to vote in Columbia County while a student. The student vote carries more weight as part of a large student block. State government is not funding higher education in part because students have not voted in the past and other constituents have made their wishes known. Columbia County local government affects students in issues like off-campus housing, law enforcement, parking, etc. Election days are always on a Tuesday so voting is conveniently available around class schedules. To verify current voter registration status go to

Students can register to vote in Columbia County at the Center for Leadership & Engagement, North Hall basement, during voter registration drives; and at the Columbia County Voter Registration Office, 11 West Main Street, Bloomsburg, 570-389-5640

University Police

The Police Department is located on the rear of the Andruss Library and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For medical emergencies, call 911; for all other emergencies, call 570-389-4168.

Bloomsburg University Police Department (BUPD) consists of twenty commissioned police officers. Five officers operate in a supervisor capacity plus a Director and an Assistant Director. Our officers receive their training under the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Act and are required to update their training annually. BUPD's authority comes from the Governor of Pennsylvania and gives them full power to arrest for any violation of law on campus. They also enforce PA laws as well as University regulations including infractions related to alcohol, drugs, and fire safety. Personnel are also trained in first aid procedures and CPR with one specializing at the First Responder level. Contained within the department are six dispatchers, two parking enforcement officers and two security patrol officers. Our administrative staff’s responsibility includes the allocation of parking permits.

Student vehicles must be registered each semester. Permits are available through students should go to this website and follow the on screen instructions to secure a permit for their vehicle. Visitors to the University must obtain a visitor pass at BUPD or Buckingham Maintenance Center. Passes, along with parking regulations and restrictions can be obtained anytime at BUPD. All vehicles brought to the campus must be registered with the police department.

It is the responsibility of each student and visitor/guest to seek out and know the University’s parking regulations. This information is contained in the Bloomsburg University parking regulations pamphlet, which is available at BUPD and can also be found on the University’s website. Ignorance of the law is not an acceptable excuse to violate parking regulations and policies. Students are encouraged to inform parents, visitors and guests to obtain parking passes and observe University parking regulations and policies.

Parking tickets are issued to violators of parking policy and regulations. Most parking violations will result in a $15 fine. Tickets can be issued hourly; that is, an additional ticket will be issued for every hour a car is parked in violation of parking policies and regulations. Bloomsburg University parking tickets can be paid or appealed at Failure to pay tickets will result in the vehicle being booted and/or towed and holds put on the students’ accounts and the possibility of a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Traffic Citation being issued. Some parking violations, such as parking in a handicap or fire lane without a proper pass may result in an immediate issuance of a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Traffic Citation which carries a $50 fine and must be paid or contested at the Magisterial District Judge’s Office.

Metered parking is available on Chestnut Street, at the recreation center and in the Bookstore lot which is across from the Store on Second Street. Please check the hours, which are posted on meters for each designated area.

Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM, permit parking is enforced. Open parking is permitted from 5 PM to 2 AM. Monday through Thursday, with the exception of Waller Administration Building staff lot, handicapped area, reserved areas, and service vehicle areas lined in green, metered areas and any parking space designated with a reserved or restricted parking sign. There is no parking on campus from 2 AM to 6 AM, Monday through Friday.

On weekends, beginning at 5 PM Friday until 2 AM Monday, open parking is permitted with the exception of handicapped areas, reserved areas, service vehicle areas lined in green, metered areas and any parking space designated with a reserved or restricted parking sign.

Handicap parking is available for people who possess and display a legally recognized handicap hangtag or license plate. Handicap parking and fire lanes are strictly enforced.

Some of the more commonly violated parking regulations include: Students, parents, visitors and guests parking in the wrong area, and failure to obtain a visitor pass.


The department has a certified safety professional that is available between 8 AM and 4:30 PM on weekdays.

The department investigates accidents, oversees fire preparedness, manages chemicals, and establishes and monitors safety programs, policies and procedures.

Emergency call boxes are placed in strategic locations throughout campus and provide a direct link to University Police. Call boxes are red-white-blue in color and can also be identified by an overhead blue light. They are to be used to summon emergency help.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, a student escort service operates out of the police office and is available nightly from 10 PM to 1 AM when classes are in session. Special phones for this service are located in campus buildings. Escorts can also be reached by phoning 570-389-5000.

Firearms and/or weapons are not permitted on campus property including in vehicles. Hunters and students with legal firearm permits must take their guns/archery equipment directly to the Campus Police office where they can be stored. Firearms and archery equipment that are to be presented to Campus Police for storage must be brought onto campus in a safe mode, unloaded and in a case.

Campus Lawyer

A lawyer is on campus each semester for two hour sessions to discuss student legal concerns. Contact the Community Activities Office at 570-389-4462 for more information about specific dates, times and location. This service is provided by the Community Government Association.

Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs Desk is located in 150 Warren Student Services Center and is a division of the Office of the Registrar. They are available to aid military service veterans and their dependents in obtaining educational benefits under the GI Bill® and Post 9-11 Bill and to answer questions and aid in the completion of the necessary enrollment forms, which are required before the claimant may receive benefits. You can also access more information at - A veteran may contact the Veterans Administration for further information concerning benefits and/or problems at 1-888-442-4551. Please contact for all information available to soldiers regarding available educational benefits.

Community Government Association (CGA)

The Community Government Association (CGA) is an elected body of students working for you. It is composed of on/off-campus and commuting representatives. CGA represents the students and addresses the needs, concerns, and general well-being of the entire student body. Elections for senators are held each year in September.

Elected executive members are: President; Vice-President; Treasurer, and Secretary. All must be of sophomore status or greater during the academic year of their term. Executive position elections are held in March.

CGA is the parent organization of over 250 clubs and organizations on campus including the Kehr Union Governing Board and the Student Recreation Center Governing Board. It is responsible for allocating over $2 million generated from the Community Activities Fee.

In addition, there are CGA committees dealing with such matters as budgets, finance, concerts, Homecoming, Parents’ Weekend, and more. Committee membership is open to the entire student body.

Governance at Bloomsburg University of PA

The governance structure of Bloomsburg University is founded on the principle that academic concerns, guided by a curriculum developed by the faculty, are the basis of this institution and that the student is the focus of the resulting educational program. This governance model acknowledges university strengths and traditions and collective bargaining agreements as well as the proprietary interests, rights, and responsibilities of the various university constituencies. Open communication is highly valued.

An essential dimension of the governance structure is the University Forum. Because students are an integral part of the University’s governance, eight undergraduate students and one graduate student are voting delegates to the Forum. The Forum formally reviews all non-academic policies before they can be implemented, raises concerns, facilitates communications, and disseminates information. The Forum meetings are open, and all students and members of the university community are invited.

The Forum interfaces with four standing committees of which students (14) have full voting membership. The standing committees are: Student Life (7); General Administration (2); University Relations (2); and Planning and Budget (3). The jurisdiction of the committees coincides with each vice-presidential area, with the exception of Planning and Budget, which reports directly to the President. The committees initiate, review and recommend policies and procedures. There are two non-voting undergraduate students and one non-voting graduate student on the Bloomsburg University Curriculum Committee, which acts on curricular proposals. Participation in these committees offers students a significant voice in University affairs. Student members are selected by CGA. The CGA President is a member of the Secretariat, which prepares the agenda for the Forum.

The student voice is also represented on the Council of Trustees. The student member is selected and recommended by the university to the State System of Higher Education for review and subsequent appointment by the Governor. The student serves until graduation.

Class Governments

Each class has a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. To run for an office a student must be of proper class standing and must meet requirements before declaring candidacy.

Kehr Union Governance

Community Government Association, Inc. is the parent organization under which the Kehr Union operates. The Kehr Union Governing Board is the advisory board made up of students, faculty and staff for the Kehr Union and University Store. To present an issue to the Board, contact the office of the Associate Director of Auxiliary Services.

Multicultural Center

Advisory Board

The Multicultural Center Advisory Board is the steering committee under which the Multicultural Center operates. The Advisory Board consists of students, faculty and staff who recognize the importance of diversity, and continue to promote innovative ways to foster multiculturalism in the university community. To make a proposal or to become involved with the Advisory Board, contact the Director of Multicultural Affairs at 570-389-4510.

Student Recreation

Center Governance
The Student Recreation Center Governing Board is an advisory board made up of students, faculty and administrators that acts as an advocate for the users of the Student Recreation Center and recommends all policy, procedures, budget actions and special events for the facility. To present something to the Board, contact the office of the Director of the Student Recreation Center. The Student Recreation Center Governing Board is a subsidiary of Community Government Association, Inc.

Achievements and Awards

Academic Achievement Awards

Awards are presented to students earning a 3.5 overall cumulative average. Residence Life gives academic awards for a 3.25 and up each year and the Athletic department gives academic awards for athletes with a 3.25 and up each year.

Outstanding Service Award

Seniors are eligible to apply for a “Service Key” award in the fall or spring, depending upon their graduation date. This award is presented to individuals who have been very active in leadership positions and who have earned 30 service points or more while at Bloomsburg. The award consists of a plaque and a lifetime Community Activities card. Information on the award is advertised on campus TV and is also published in The Voice each semester. Applications will be available at the Information Center. For more information, contact the Community Government Association.

Who’s Who

Nominations are compiled in October and assessed by a committee consisting of the deans of the colleges, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, the presidents of the junior and senior classes, the president of the Community Government Association and the Dean of Students. Seniors, with at least 80 earned credits, are encouraged to contact the faculty/staff in their major department or any other faculty/staff member who would be willing to nominate them based upon the qualifications listed below:

  • 1. Demonstrated Leadership Ability
  • 2. Scholastic Achievement
  • 3. Commendable Personal Traits
  • 4. Potential Usefulness to Society and Professional Promise

For more information, please contact the Dean of Students Office, Kehr Union, 389-4064.

Honor Societies

CGA approved honor societies can be found on HuskySync. Membership requirements and policies governing these societies vary. The Director of Kehr Union, 570-389-4346, has more specific information.