Secondary Education Physics (B.S.Ed.)

Bloomsburg University offers an accredited program for the preparation of high school physics teachers. The bachelor in science in education degree is provided through the Department of Educational Studies and Secondary Education and is supported by the Department of Physics and Engineering Technology.

Each student is assigned two advisors, one in education and one in physics.

BU's Department of Physics and Engineering Technology provides all of the required physics courses, plus opportunities for students to work on special projects relating to physics education. There continues to be a widespread shortage of physics teachers, so graduates find a favorable job market.

Teaching Physics

Real schools, real classrooms and real students with all the exuberance, curiosity ... and restlessness of children. BU's College of Education pairs a strong teaching foundation in fundamentals with opportunities to work with children throughout your college life. A central component of BU's teacher education programs is the provision of quality field experiences. These experiences broaden the teacher candidate’s understanding of effective classroom instruction and establish a platform for the transfer of theory and translation of research into practice.