Vehicle Registration

Unpaid Citations and Parking Holds

Don’t forget to pay your parking tickets. Please go to to pay your parking tickets. Three (3) unpaid parking citations will result in your vehicle being booted and possibly towed. A boot removal fee of $25 will be assessed. All citations must be paid before the immobilizing device is removed.

Any student with citations, which have not been paid by March 9, 2020 will have a HOLD placed on their student account. If a hold is placed on your student account, classes may not be scheduled, transcripts may not be received, and you may not apply for a parking decal. Should you have a citation you wish to pay which has resulted in a hold on your account, please contact Terri Meter at 570-389-5307, Lisa Drumm at 570-389-4768 or Sue Snyder at 570-389-4949.

Summer 2020 Parking Information

If you are currently attending class for the Summer 2020 semester, your Spring 2020 decal will be valid throughout the summer sessions. As there will be no shuttle service from upper campus, Tan decals will be valid in the Commuter lots (Black and Purple).

No decals are needed if you are a new Commuter or Resident for the summer sessions.

If you are a new Commuter student, please park in the “Commuter lots.”

If you are a new Resident student, please park in the “First Street (Green) lot.” If you park in other lots, you may be ticketed.

Campus map of designated lots.

If you have any parking questions, please contact University Police at 570-389-2211.