Before BU Assignment

Before BU Assignment

What is the Before BU Assignment?

During your BU Preview Day, you will learn about your required Before BU assignment. Before BU is a series of short modules about various campus expectations and opportunities. These resources are vital to your success as a new student, so we want to be sure you understand them fully before you begin your first year. The Before BU modules cover topics such as financial aid and billing, fire safety, personal security, bystander intervention, ethical academics, and health and wellness decision-making.

What are the requirements for the Before BU Assignment?

Each module includes content that must be read or watched, along with a brief quiz to complete at the end. The Before BU assignment is required of all new students. Once you have concluded all modules, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion. More information on the steps for upload will be discussed during your BU Preview Day.

When will the Summer Assignment be available online?

When the Before BU Assignment is available on BOLT beginning June 19, 2017, an email will be sent to your Bloomsburg University email account ( to alert you that access is now available.

What is BOLT and how do I access BOLT?

BOLT (Bloomsburg Online Learning and Teaching) is an online course management system (similar to Blackboard or WebCT) that is used by the faculty and students at Bloomsburg University. The Before BU Assignment will be posted to BOLT as a way to orient you to this technology, as you will likely use the BOLT system in many of your courses.

Follow this link to access BOLT: You will need the following student login information to access BOLT:

Help is available on the website or you may call 570-389-2888.

When is the Before BU Assignment due?

Refer to BOLT and the Before BU postings as some modules have different due dates.

What will happen if I do not complete the Before BU Assignment?

If you fail to submit the Summer Assignment by the due date, a hold will be placed on your record which will prevent course registration and may interrupt your financial support.

Who will see my completed Before BU Assignments?

Various offices will have access to your work on the individual modules. These office include:

  • Dean of Students Office
  • Academic Affairs (such as your advisor)
  • Office of Planning & Assessment
  • New Student Orientation
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Campus Safety & Police

If I cannot find the answer to my question here, who do I contact?

Kindly email your questions to