Fraternity and Sorority Life Recruitment

What will I get out of joining?

Joining a fraternity or sorority can help make the transition to college easier. Developing lifelong friendships with the members in their chapter helps make the campus smaller and more manageable. For many members, these chapters become their home away from home. In addition to the brotherhood/sisterhood, every chapter promotes the values of enhancing leadership, service scholarship, philanthropy/service and financial responsibilities.


All of the following minimum campus requirements for joining an organization must be met:

  • Sign up with Campus Director. This will serve as your recruitment registration: Men's registration | Women's registration
  • Fill out a Record Release Authorization Form
  • Have met a minimum of a 12 credits and a 2.5 GPA
  • No Judicial Sanctions which would restrict new member activity.
  • Have been extended a bid by a recognized Fraternity and Sorority Life organization.

LaunchPoint Online Education

The recruitment process is important to understand. This free online series allows you to learn more about women’s recruitment without commitment. Take the time to review this valuable information, history and tips before recruitment. This online education series will provide you with additional documents to reference throughout your selected recruitment process.



Sorority Recruitment Events

Recruitment is a opportunity for some chapters to extend additional bids to eligible women. Interested women may attend the following events and the additional informal events hosted by chapters.

Fraternity Recruitment Events

Students interested in joining a fraternity must attend the Fraternity Orientation and complete the record release authorization form, which is available in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, KUB 349.