Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing Office, KUB 101

Associate Vice President of Student Development and Campus Life
  Jim McCormack
Coordinator, Off-Campus Housing
  Beth Brennan | 570-389-4063

Living in the Town of Bloomsburg can be very rewarding and enjoyable. However, occurrences like getting utilities hooked up, paying bills and dealing with landlords and neighbors can be a great source of stress. Having greater freedom to make decisions can also create stress and anxiety. The Dean of Students office assists in alleviating such stressors by answering all questions and concerns regarding off-campus housing.

Off-Campus Parking

There is limited parking downtown, so please ask your landlord about parking options and refer to for additional information and more details. To apply for a university parking permit to park on campus please visit The Permit Store. Note restrictions apply for the application process.

Off-Campus Registered Address

It's important for all students including non-degree and graduate students (except those who will be living on campus) to register their complete local address in MyHusky. Even if you are living at your legal/permanent residence while attending the upcoming semester, you need to enter that as your local address. Please include house number, street name and apartment number where you will be living while taking classes. It's very important our records are accurate because of emergency issues and financial aid review. You are required to update your local address each semester.

Off-Campus Housing Disclaimer

The off-campus housing website is provided as a convenience to Bloomsburg University students and does NOT constitute legal advice. The information presented is intended for educational purposes only. Bloomsburg University does NOT inspect nor endorse any off-campus rental properties whose name/picture may appear on this website. The Town of Bloomsburg’s Code Enforcement Office inspects student rental properties each year.

We recommend you contact the landlord to ascertain a copy of the latest inspection report and request of them any information regarding the safety of the property. This information is also available in the Town’s Code Enforcement Office, 301 E. Second St., 570-784-7123 ext. 115. Bloomsburg University supports local, state and federal fair housing laws and regulations.