Nursing Simulated Learning Lab (SLL)

Nursing Simulated Learning Lab

SLL Director
Gail Jasman, MSN, RN

SLL Assistant Director
Kathi Schmouder, MSN, RN

SLL 570-389-4552

Undergraduate Managers Fall 2019
Abbey Culver, SLL Lead Manager, Senior
Abbey Knepp, Senior
Alison McKay, Senior
Colleen McDermott, Junior
Guilianna Alberti, Junior
Hannah Culver, Senior
Julianne Finnerty, Junior
Kayla Heiner, Senior
Mackenzie Sopko, Senior
Maddy Plummer, Senior
Madison Rutkowski, Junior
Mary Petrongolo, Senior
Nicole Beach, Senior
Sarah Bainey, Senior
Sarah Kelly, Junior
Taylor Steckel, Junior
Travis Dayhoff, Junior

Graduate Assistants Fall 2019
Abel Gonzalez, BSN
Dorthea Meyer, BSN
Rachel Charkaway, BSN
Shirley Behm, BSN
Tawny Engelberger, BSN

Bloomsburg University’s Simulated Learning Lab’s (SLL) purpose is to provide our nursing students with a safe and controlled environment to learn and practice the skills necessary to excel not only during their clinical experiences at BU but throughout their nursing careers. The SLL, located at 3154 McCormick Center for Human Services, is equipped with hospital beds, various injection and task trainer models, numerous manikins of differing fidelities from newborn to adult, and computerized medication dispensing systems.
Students have access to a computer program that allows for practice in reading and documenting in an electronic medical record during simulated clinical scenarios. Students engage in skills demonstrations, practice sessions, and clinical simulations during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

The SLL employs numerous undergraduate managers who are proficient at nursing skills and leaders within the program. Managers must maintain a high GPA, receive faculty endorsement, and remain satisfactory in clinical courses for employment in the SLL. The SLL additionally employs a varying number of graduate assistants who are current and exemplary in their own clinical practice.

The SLL Director and Assistant Director have over 50 years of combined nursing experience in fields ranging from home health to the emergency department and are available Monday through Friday to oversee and expertly assist our nursing students.

Skills Testing

Demonstrations of select, course specific skills are provided at the sophomore and part of the junior years. As the student progresses in their junior and through their senior year, skills will transition to independent learning. Students are required to complete readings within their skills book, watch assigned videos, and take an online quiz prior to most skills demonstrations. Students will then have free time throughout the week to practice prior to a designated testing time.

Students are responsible for reviewing the BSN handbook and BOLT for specific requirements related to dress, lab coats, and nurse packs when coming to the SLL for practice or demonstration. While the SLL remains a safe place to learn and make mistakes, point reduction policies are in place in order to foster student accountability, professional behaviors, and efficient use of SLL resources.


As part of the clinical curricular thread, undergraduate students complete simulated clinical scenarios during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Simulated Learning Lab

Through the use of medium and high-fidelity manikins, and in some cases the use of standardized patients, pairs of students’ complete cases that include acute and chronic med-surg conditions, home health, school health, and prison or occupational nursing. Simulations are created around the psychomotor skills learned within the lab. The objective of simulation is to critically think about these acquired skills in order to safely apply them to their ‘patient’ in a safe and controlled setting. This process grows confidence in the nursing student as they continue and progress in a live clinical setting. Students will be provided with background information on their scenario prior to their simulation experience and will take part in a debriefing exercise following simulation.

SLL Resources

Computer Lab — A dedicated computer lab, only for the use of Bloomsburg University nursing students, is situated on the nursing floor within the SLL. This valuable resource provides students with comradery and resources that are unique to the nursing student. The computers are equipped with internet access and other university programs to foster success. A black and white and color laser printer is also available.

Other Resources — Nursing students may borrow various resources from the SLL including posters and models for health fairs, blood pressure cuffs, and various other client education materials for teaching projects. Additionally, nursing students have access to current course textbooks and small meeting rooms for group projects.

The SLL’s policies are provided to all nursing students in their student handbook.