Nursing Simulated Learning Lab (SLL)

Nursing Simulated Learning Lab (SLL)


Nursing Simulated Learning Lab

SLL Employees for Fall 2017

SLL Director

Gail Jasman, MSN, RN

SLL 570-389-4552

Undergraduate Employees

  • Bryce Fiamoncini,Lead SLL Manager,   Senior
  • Selene Bazan, SLL Manager, Senior
  • Abbie Culver, SLL Manager, Junior
  • Sarah Hartman, SLL Manager, Senior
  • Melissa Holmes, SLL Manager, Senior
  • Ashley Kazakos, SLL Manager, Senior
  • Rachel Lancianese, SLL Manager. Sophomore
  • Shayla Lutzinger, SLL Manager. Junior
  • Christine Maichin, SLL Manager. Senior
  • Stephanie Maichin, SLL Manager. Senior
  • Yasmeen Mercado, SLL Manager. Senior
  • Morgan Nicholson, SLL Manager. Senior
  • Katie Spriggle, SLL Manager. Junior
  • Kelly Westerman, SLL Manager. Sophomore

Graduate Assistants

  • Rachel Marouchoc, BSN
  • Erica Veliky, BSN

BU's Simulated Learning Lab (SLL) exists to provide our nursing students with a safe and controlled environment to master the skills necessary to excel not only during their clinical experiences at BU but throughout their nursing careers. The SLL, 3154 McCormick Center for Human Services, has a skills lab equipped with hospital beds, various task trainer models, and five computerized adult simulation mannequins, five computerized pediatric mannequins (two children, two infants and one newborn), and  a computerized medication dispensing system.

In addition, students have access to a laptop to practice documenting in electronic medical records during simulated clinical scenarios. Students engage in clinical demonstrations, practice sessions, and clinical simulations during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Skills Testing

Although students sign up for group practice times and peer testing is used, many times each student receives one-on-one testing time with a faculty member, the SLL Director, or a graduate assistant. Students are required to review the appropriate reading, complete any questions assigned, and view videos prior to their scheduled demonstration session. Students are required to bring their “nurse pacs,” any related assignments completed, and lab coats to each scheduled session.

Students who are not prepared for their designated lab time or fail the skill will be need to reschedule a time for remediation with the SLL Director. In addition, students who are late to their designated lab time will need to be rescheduled for another time. It is the student's responsibility to take initiative and practice the skills on their own time prior to their designated lab time. If a student needs any assistance with mastering a skill when they come to practice, they can always ask the SLL Director or a graduate assistant for help.


As part of the curriculum, undergraduate students experience simulated clinical scenarios during their sophomore, junior and senior year of the program.

Simulated Learning Lab

Through the use of medium and high fidelity mannequins, students participant in situations where they care for pediatric, obstetric, and adult medical and surgical patients from cases of routine assessment, care and medication administration to urgent or emergent cases where students must use their knowledge base combined with critical thinking skills in order to provide optimal care and attain successful outcomes for their simulated patients. These simulations provide the students with an opportunity to care for "patients" in a safe environment before entering the clinical setting.

SLL Resources

Computer Lab — The Nursing Department has a computer lab located on one side of the SLL. This is a dedicated lab, meaning only BU Nursing students are permitted in the computer lab. It is a valuable resource that many nursing students take advantage of at busy times during the semester when other computer labs on campus may become full. The computers in this lab are equipped with internet access and university programs as well as specific computer assisted instruction programs related to nursing including programs to assist students in learning good charting skills, caring for specific patient populations such as patients with psychiatric health issues and ones going through labor and delivery and virtual clinical experiences. A black and white as well as a color laser printer are also available for use by nursing students.

Other Resources — The nursing students have the opportunity to borrow various resources from the SLL including posters and models for health fairs and various other client education materials for teaching projects. In addition, nursing students may use a variety of textbooks in the SLL and have access to a small meeting room for group projects.

The SLL’s policies are provided to all nursing students in their student handbook.