Placement Testing

Placement & Testing Procedures/Policies

Effective Fall 2017, incoming freshmen will be placed into mathematics, writing, and reading courses based on new procedures and policies (PRP 3360).


Congratulations on your acceptance to the Bloomsburg University community! We are busy preparing and looking forward to your arrival on campus. One part of our work is to get you started with the right courses in writing, foreign language and math. This page describes your initial placements for those courses as well as your options to challenge placement into courses that do not seem appropriate.

Writing Placement

For many students, the transition to writing in college presents a significant challenge. Some students coming to BU will be best served by taking two semesters of first-year writing courses, while others will do fine taking only one. Students whose overall high school grade point average is less than 87% will be placed into Enrich 101: College Writing Enrichment and will then take English 101: Foundations of College Writing the next semester. Students whose overall high school grade point average is equal to or greater than 87% will be placed directly into English 101. Enrich 101 earns elective credits toward graduation and English 101 is a required course for graduation from Bloomsburg University.

If you feel that your overall high school grade point average does not reflect your capability as a writer, you can challenge your first-year writing placement by taking the ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Writing assessment. To learn more about that opportunity visit our writing placement page.

Please email or call the Testing Center at 570-389-5294 with writing placement questions.



Math Placement Testing (ALEKS):
Writing Placement Testing:
Foreign Language Placement Testing:

Office of Institutional Effectiveness:
Karen Davis, 570-389-2998

Foreign Language Placement

One of Bloomsburg University’s General Education (MyCore) Goals is that you demonstrate basic communication in a second language. You can accomplish this goal by taking foreign language courses or by taking a 20-40 minute Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, or Spanish. Your score on the FLPT will either satisfy the Second Language Goal or determine which language course you should schedule. To learn more about the FLPT please visit our foreign language placement test page.

Mathematics Placement

Bloomsburg University uses multiple data points along with the student’s major to determine an individual’s math course placement. Students with a High School GPA of 89, or a Math SAT of 510 or a Math ACT of 19 are placed directly into a Foundational Math course appropriate for their major.

Students who do not meet all our Foundational Math cutoff scores, will be required to complete a separate co-requisite math course in the same semester as their Foundational Math course. These co-requisite courses are tailored to provide the exact extra support needed for the student to be successful in their math class.

These co-requisite math classes are either one or two credits and are linked directly to the material covered in the Foundational Math class. In our system the co-requires math class is given the same number as the Foundational math class with an A appended to it. Please see the table below.

Foundational Math Courses with Co-Requisites Classes

Foundational Math Class

Co-requisite Math Class


ECON 156 – Business and Economics Mathematics

ECON 156A – Business and Economics Mathematics Recitation (1 credit)

Taken by Economics majors and College of Business students

 MATH 101 -- Math Thinking (3 credits)

MATH 101A – Math Thinking Recitation (1 credit)

Taken by many majors in the College of Liberal Arts

MATH 109 – College Algebra (3 credits)

MATH 109A -- College Algebra Recitation (2 credits)

Taken by students in who eventually need Calculus

MATH 116 – Mathematics for the Health Sciences (3 credits)

MATH 116A – Mathematics for the Health Sciences
Recitation (1 credit)

Taken by students in Health Science majors

MATH 141 – Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)

MATH 141A – Introduction to Statistics Recitation (2 credits)

Taken by many different majors. Especially those that analyze or handle large amounts of data.

Math 201 – Concepts of Mathematics 1: Theory of Arithmetic (3 credits)

Math 201A – Theory of Arithmetic Recitation (1 credit)

Taken by K-8 education majors

If your academic credentials indicate you would benefit from extra help in passing your Foundational Math class, then you can challenge your Math placement using the online Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) testing system. Contact Karen Davis in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to obtain the ALEKS information:

Students in many College of Science and Technology majors will be invited to participate in the ALEKS testing system for course placement. ALEKS uses artificial intelligence to determine your knowledge in a subject. ALEKS then creates an individualized learning plan that guides you to work on material that you are ready to learn. For additional information, please visit and review the Addition Information tab.

If you use ALEKS, then the placement into your first math class at Bloomsburg University will be based on your best ALEKS score and your degree program requirements. Specific details are available in your placement testing welcome letter.
Please note: Students should try to finish it within six weeks of receiving their math placement results.

We hope that you are excited to start the next phase in your educational journey with us. We look forward to working with you and want to maximize the benefit you receive from our programs.

Please email or call Ashley Bilinski at 570-389-4500 with Math Placement questions.

The complete algorithm for Foundational Math course placement is described below.

For a student to take a Foundational Math class, (no co-requisite math course requirement) the student must meet one of the following requirements.

MATH SAT >= 510 or MATH ACT >= 19 or HS GPA>= 89 or ALEKS >= 46
If the student’s academic credentials (first 3 criteria) are not met, then the student is asked to take ALEKS in the student’s individualized placement letter.
Updated Spring 2021