Courses at Geisinger Health System

Courses at Geisinger Health System

An educational partnership you can count on!

Bloomsburg University offers for-credit classes at several Geisinger locations to meet your educational needs.

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Register through the Academic Advisement Center at 570-389-4003 or via the online non-degree application.

Spring 2016 Off Campus Courses

Geisinger Nursing Education Building

SOC211.91 (2826) Principles of Sociology

Tuesdays, 5-8

Instructor: Moschgat

PSYCH131.91 (2822) Psych of Adjustment

Tuesdays, 5-8

Instructor: Tloczynski

ALSTERP155.91 (2820) American Sign Language

Wednesday, 6-9

Instructor: Granda

Geisinger Woodbine Lane

ENGLISH156.91 (2813) Popular Literature

Mondays, 5-8

Instructor: Randall

COMMSTUD104.91 (2815) Interpersonal Communications

Tuesdays, 5-8

Instructor: Kara Shultz

Degenstein Library

ANTHRO102.91 (2818) Anthropology and World Problems

Mondays 5-8

Instructor: Fazzino