Event Information and Mentoring Programs

Event Information and Mentoring Programs

Ceremonies and Conferences

First World Graduation Ceremony

The First World ceremony is celebrated each December and May to congratulate the achievements of our multicultural students at the baccalaureate and graduate degree levels. This celebration is well attended by our guests and the university community.

Latino Extravaganza and Unity Day (Un Día De Unidad) Conference

The first conference in the PASSHE for Hispanic/Latino/Chicano students. It is to a celebration to commemorate the Latino culture and its roots through discussion of pertinent issues affecting the campus and communities.

The Sankofa Conference

The Sankofa conference was created as a program of the multicultural center, which recognized the need for students to learn, understand, and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of people of African descent. The conference has developed as a way to promote unity and understanding among students and to provide a forum for discussion and learning.

Mentoring Programs

A-Club Graduate Preparatory Program

This program is designed specifically for juniors and seniors, with a focus on graduate school and professional career development. Twenty students are selected to participate in the following: reception and meeting, graduate school preparatory testing classes; seminars on graduate school process; academic and professional career conferences, resume building and internship workshops. .

Aqui y Ahora Mentoring Program

Aqui y Ahora is a mentoring program for freshmen Latino /Hispanic students focusing on enhancing the adjustment and retention in college and to maximize the opportunities for success of Latino/ Hispanic students. The program provides a positive way for Latino/ Hispanic students to meet people on campus and address special problems that a Latino / Hispanic student may face at predominately white campuses.

M.I.N.D. Mentorship Program

Men of Intelligence, Notability, and Desire (M.I.N.D.) mentorship program provides a positive outlet for male students to be able to express themselves and network with other faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community members.