Video Equipment Loans

Video Equipment Loans

The Media Services office provides equipment and facilities for basic video projects to all students, faculty, and staff. A valid BU Photo ID is required and all equipment must be picked up in MCHS 1228.

Equipment Loan Procedure

  • Students, faculty, and staff may visit the Media Services office in MCHS 1228 to borrow video cameras and tripods (among other items) for up to two weeks.
  • These cameras record on internal flash memory and/or SD cards.
  • Once the student has recorded their content, they can use any computer to upload to MyMediasite as described here.
  • If the students do not have personal computers available or do not feel comfortable completing the process on their own, they can return to the IMS office and use our general purpose iMac lab.
  • Work study employees are available to provide basic tutorials relating to the operation of equipment or facilities and assist in this process if necessary. However, we will NOT do your project for you.

If you have need for these services, please visit our office 2-3 days before you plan to record your content to check out the equipment. This should also be at least 1 week before the project is due. Calling ahead or emailing is not necessary. We do not hold equipment on reserve; all loans are handled on a first come, first served basis.

Options for Conversion, Submission and Review

All cameras record onto flash memory chips. After content is recorded, it must be transferred into a computer via a standard USB cable. There are six computers available in the Media Services office.

Once imported to the computer, there are several options for submission to instructors, sharing with group members, integration with powerpoint presentations, and archiving for future use. We primarily recommend the MyMediasite System.

For advice on the best method for your project, please contact Asa Kelley ( or 570-389-4234) or stop by MCHS 1222.