McDowell Student Fellowship Program In Positive Behavior Support

The McDowell Student Fellowship Program in Positive Behavior Support will provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to enhance their understanding and application of Positive Behavior Support.  Through guided in-depth classroom and field-based study, students will develop necessary knowledge/skills to address non-academic barriers to learning and reduce problem behavior in all students. Through completion of the fellowship program, students will be prepared to address the broad range of social, emotional and behavioral challenges facing teachers and schools today.

Undergraduate students who have been officially admitted into teacher candidacy (by completion of the Admission, Monitoring and Exit Packet), as well as graduate students who have successfully completed 6 credits of graduate study in their program within the College of Education may make application.  Award of a fellowship is based on the nature of the application in terms of 1) quality of the student proposal, 2) clarity and relevance of expressed interest and alignment with Positive Behavior Support and associated evidence-based practices to address non-academic barriers to learning, and 3) recommendation of faculty. Students awarded a fellowship receive the following benefits:

  • Individualized access to faculty for the purposes of mentoring along with increased access to professional resources to support their development of strategies for implementing positive behavior support in school, home, or community settings.
  • Mentorship opportunities with field-based professional educators with expertise in Positive Behavior Support (e.g. PBIS implementation sites brokered through PaTTAN across the Commonwealth).
  • Complementary student membership in the Association for Positive Behavior Support. You can explore information regarding this international organization at .
  • Financial support to participate in the annual PA PBS Implementers Forum in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Student Fellows will be encouraged to provide poster or oral presentations at this state level conference.
  • Expanded/enhanced professional development opportunities as designed by faculty and assigned mentors.  This may include opportunities for additional field experiences, conference attendance and professional networking with leaders in the field of Positive Behavior Support.
  • Participation in the McDowell Fellowship Speakers Luncheon in tandem with other sponsored events.
  • Certificate of completion of the fellowship to build your professional portfolio.

Special Note:  Acceptance into the McDowell Student Fellowship Program in Positive Behavior Support is a competitive process. Apply using the form below.  Applications must be submitted by December 8, 2017 for awards beginning in the spring semester of 2018.  Applicants will be notified of their acceptance one week prior to the start of the spring 2018 semester.  Contingent on performance, student fellowships for spring 2018 will be continued through the fall of 2018 (as relevant). Some optional summer experiences during 2018 may also be available for student fellows based on the availability of faculty and resources. Any eligible student may apply and be accepted as a Fellow to further advance their studies for a maximum of two calendar years.  A maximum of 15 students will be awarded fellowships for spring 2018.




**All applications must be accompanied by a resume. Email your resume to Charlotte Kemper,**