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COVID-19 - Updates

Effective Friday April 10, Mail Services will no longer accept packages for students who are not currently living on campus. They will be returned to the sender.

Faculty/Staff: Currently, University Mail Services will be delivering and picking up campus mail twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday. If you have a mailing that requires special handling please coordinate with mail services by emailing

Mail Services Hub

How to find us

David Soltz Hall
1st floor - North Side - facing Luzerne Hall

Brian Sweetra, Supervisor 570-389-4404
Dustin Arner, Clerk 570-389-4403
Bob Albertson, Clerk 570-389-4403

Office hours:
Fall/Spring - M-F, 8-4:30 p.m.
Summer - M-F, 8-4 p.m.
SmartLocker Lobby - 24-7, 7 days a week

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Bloomsburg University's Mail Services Center distributes and processes mail for faculty, administration, staff and students.

Fall Important Information for Students

Due to extremely high volumes of mail at the beginning of the semester, it Is strongly recommended that students have text books mailed to their home address so you have them when classes begin.

Address format - room number and hall name must be included.

Lower campus example:
Joe Student
Room 222 Elwell Hall
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg PA 17815

Upper campus address format will remain the same. Box number and building name must be included.

Upper campus example:
Jane Student
2222 JKA Do Not Write the Word Box
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg PA 17815