Student Employment at Kehr Union Building

Student Employment at Kehr Union Building

The Kehr Union Building employs approximately 70 part-time student employees in a variety of positions throughout the building. Student employees in the KUB enjoy a flexible schedule and convenient location to work on campus. Other advantages of KUB employment include: good pay, the development of leadership skills, team work/team building skill development, technical skills, human relations, decision-making and problem solving.

Student employees work in the Kehr Union seven days a week during the fall and spring semesters and are the primary operating staff for the building. Student employees work approximately 15 hrs per week (20 max) and a few weekends/semester depending on their particular work group.

Students are encouraged to apply for positions throughout the year and during the summer sessions. The bulk of the hiring for student employees takes place immediately after the beginning of the fall semester however on occasion a number of openings can occur just prior to the spring semester and summer session. The number of openings varies greatly from time frame to time frame so be sure to check regularly once on campus. All new hires are asked to participate in orientation/training sessions relevant to their work areas.

Student employees and leadership opportunities

  • Student Supervisors - Oversees/assists the Operations and Facilities manager with the operation of all KUB programs, facilities, services and student personnel. Primarily works evenings and weekends.
  • Games Room Assistant - Works as a cashier in the KUB Games Room. Distributes equipment for use in the Games Room
  • Technical Crew Assistant - Assists the Media Services Coordinator with the sound, lighting and audio-visual support for events, meetings, conferences and technical setups in the KUB.
  • Welcome Desk - Assists customers and responds to inquiries requesting information related to campus wide programs, facilities and personnel.
  • Setup Crew - This team works with a variety of staff to ensure the proper setup and changeover of rooms for events and programs.
  • Office Assistant - Provides office support and customer service for the Student Activities Office, Kehr Union operations and events, Program Board events, Parents’ & Family Weekend, Homecoming, Siblings’ & Children’s Weekend, Renaissance Jamboree, and concerts. Responsible for ticket sales, trip sign-ups and event registrations.
  • Reservations/Scheduling Assistant - Works with the Scheduling Coordinator in Student Activities. Involves data entry, computer skills and attention to small details.

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