Jump Start Program


Welcome to Bloomsburg University. We're excited that you will begin your college career as a participant in the Jump Start Program. As a participant of the Jump Start Program, you will engage in programs and activities that are designed to assist in your academic, social and cultural adjustment to Bloomsburg University. You'll be supported by faculty and staff who are committed to your academic success. You'll also be supported by upper class “Peer Mentors” who will be with you every step of the way. Not only will your Peer Mentors offer support and guidance during the two weeks of Jump Start, but they'll also remain as a point of contact during the academic year.

Thank you,

Ralph E. Godbolt
Interim Director, Act 101/EOP Program

Further questions? Please contact the ACT 101/EOP Office at 570-389-4492


What is the Jump Start Program?

Jump Start is a college-readiness program designed to introduce you to campus early and help you develop the skills you’ll need to have a successful college experience at Bloomsburg University. The program is two weeks in duration - the final weeks of August leading up to Welcome Weekend and comes at no additional cost to you.

You'll start as an Undeclared major. As soon as you begin, you'll work with our staff to find the major that best fits your goals and strengths. In addition to meetings with Advisors and Academic Coaches, your daily Jump Start activities will include sessions on:

  • Effective study habits
  • Financial literacy
  • Campus safety review
  • Academic, social, and mental health support services on campus


Summary of Details

» The Jump Start Program comes at no additional cost to you.

» Your move-in date is Sunday, August 11th. You'll be placed in your fall semester housing assignment

» You'll attend one of the Undeclared New Student Orientation days during the summer.

» The Jump Start Program begins on Monday, August 12th and ends on Monday, August 26th.

» If you were admitted into the Jump Start Program, then successfully completing the program is required to continue at BU.

» As a Jump Start student, you'll begin as an Undeclared major.

» You'll live in the residence halls on the BU campus for the duration of the Jump Start program.

» The Jump Start Program event schedule will include programmatic sessions beginning in the morning and concluding in the afternoon.

Jump Start Program: Session Outline

Your Academic Preparation sessions will include:

  • The Reading and Writing for Success Seminar, where you'll engage in an intensive, week-long series of programs and activities designed to enhance your writing and reading skills, including research methods, academic-based reading & writing, a tour of the library and activities that engage WALES.
  • The Jumping into Math workshop that includes skill-building exercises, an introduction to the Math Lab and a tutorial on the online materials you'll need to access for the workshop.
  • Early academic advising, where you'll meet with advisors to discuss your fall schedule, long term academic interest, and recommended study and time management skills.


Your Financial Literacy sessions will include:

  • BU hosted sessions, both on and off campus, designed to assist you and your family in completing the FAFSA and understanding the financial expectations associated with college attendance.
  • A FAFSA completion session. After moving into the residence hall, parents and supporters can work with BU staff to address any outstanding FAFSA issues and to submit any paperwork that is required by BU’s Financial Aid Office.
  • A Financial Aid Workshop designed to enhance your knowledge of the financial aid process. You'll receive information on the different types of aid available and how you can apply for financial aid.
  • The Understanding Your Bill Workshop, that covers topics such as payment methods, meal plans, fees, books, and tuition.
  • A Remote Work Study Fair, where you'll learn about work-study jobs on campus, how to apply, and receive valuable interviewing tips.


Your Mental and Emotional Health sessions will include:

  • Optional yoga sessions, that provide a healthy outlet to deal with the daily pressures associated with life as a college student.
  • Reflective Writing and Journaling sessions where you can write freely about your internal thought processes and reflect on your daily activities.
  • Daily chat and chew sessions are designed for you to engage in important conversations in a supportive and understanding environment. Topics for the Chat and Chew sessions will include unhealthy relationships, expectations of first-generation college students, family and community-related trauma and adjusting to an unfamiliar environment.
  • An Introduction to the Counseling Center, where faculty and staff from the Counseling Center will assist you in understanding the role of the counseling center, the impact of trauma, and the benefits of therapy.


Your Familiarity with Campus sessions will include a formal campus tour, a BU scavenger hunt, and activities designed to help you identify and utilize campus resources, such as those found in the library, student services center, and Kehr union.


Your Real Rap – Peer Mentoring sessions, from Jump Start Program Assistants (current upper-class BU students) will include guidance on the realities of being a college student. Sessions will focus on topics such as academic success, expectations of living in the residence hall, positive decision making, and peer pressure.