Intramural Sports

Intramural sports enhances participant fitness, personal skills and enjoyment by providing opportunities for cooperative and competitive play. Intramurals also offer opportunities for leadership, management, program planning and interpersonal skills as they relate to intramural's and recreational programs. At Bloomsburg University, intramurals include a comprehensive assortment of sports for men, women, as well as coed competition.


BU's intramural sports uses for all scheduling. Please go here for handbooks, FAQs, discussion boards and contact information.

Jobs in Intramural Sports

Looking for a fun, active, and exciting work environment? Join the intramural sports team! The intramural sports program hires students to officiate, supervise, and score keep. Applications are located in the IM office.

Intramural Sports


Director of Intramural Sports
  Tony Dreckman |
  Student Recreation Center 106


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