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Every student has an ePortfolio in BOLT. An ePortfolio is an electronic portfolio of learning artifacts that you put together and can share with others. The ePortfolio is available inside BOLT. BOLT users can add artifacts directly to the ePortfolio, add artifacts from their courses, and easily share items with others to get feedback on their work.

Common Questions

Q: Where is ePortfolio?

A: ePortfolio is in BOLT. To access your ePortfolio, click University Resources on your My Home page, then select ePortfolio.

Q: What can be added to ePortfolio?

A: BOLT users can add artifacts to ePortfolio: document files, Powerpoints, images, audio or video clips, URLs, course results, and reflections. BOLT users can also create collections and presentations in ePortfolio.

Example of Student Presentation

Example of Student Reflection

Q: I made an ePortfolio presentation. Where can I find the link to it?

A: The link to your ePortfolio can be found by going to ePortfolio, clicking the drop down arrow beside the name of the presentation, and selecting Share. On the Sharing Settings dialog, the Share URL is available for you to copy and paste.

Q: Can I access my ePortfolio after I graduate?

A: You will eventually lose access to BOLT and your ePortfolio after graduation. BOLT users can create an EduDentity account and move their ePortfolio over to myDesire2Learn. Moving your ePortfolio over will allow you to continue to edit and add to your ePortfolio. Follow the steps in the myDesire2Learn Access widget on the My Home page in BOLT.