International Faculty Association

International Faculty Association

Executive Council

President – Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus
Vice President – Arian Moghadam
Secretary – Darlene Perner
Treasurer – Steven Si
Director of Public Relations – Mykola Polyuha
Representative of the College of Business – Mark Usry
Representative of the College of Education – David Walker
Representative of the College of Liberal Arts – Maria-Teresita Mendoz- Enright
Representative of the College of Science and Technology – Naz Fallahian
Representative of the Staff and Management- Nawal Bonomo
Representative of Retired Faculty – James Pomfret

Scholarship Committee

Coordinator: Naz Fallahian
Advisory Board: Yahya Laayouni, Mykola Polyuha, Mark Usry

Bloomsburg University has a considerable number of international faculty, staff, and students from diverse cultural backgrounds, endowed with knowledge and experience helpful to the education growth and development of the United States.

Convinced that Bloomsburg University is committed to diversity and globalization of the university and its community.

Therefore, the Bloomsburg University International Faculty Association (IFA) was established and members commit to the general educational advancement of the students, staff, and faculty at Bloomsburg University.

IFA seeks to:

  • Enhance the quality of educational programs at Bloomsburg University as it attempts to internationalize and diversity its curricula;
  • Foster better relations and understanding between students, staff, and faculty of Bloomsburg University;
  • Protect the interests of its members as provided by law and/or contractual obligations with Bloomsburg University.

IFA Membership is open to all members of the university community.

Associate membership is reserved for the external community. Associate members shall enjoy all privileges of the association except that they shall neither exercise the right to vote nor occupy an elective office in the organization.

Members and associate members will pay annual dues, the amount of which shall be determined by the general membership from time to time. Members defaulting in payments of dues without due cause may be declared out of good standing by the Executive Council in writing.