IES Programs and Events

IES Programs and Events

Professional Development programs (BU domestic and international students)

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“Your motto, “let no one leave empty handed” appealed to me. My hands are full of respects and appreciation for those who venture out of their comfort zones to explore new cultures and lands. Each one serves as a conduit channeling information about their homelands and hosts.”

--Lenaire Ahlum

“Our Annual African Night festival would not have been successful without IES help.”

--President African Student Association

“Thank you for international students’ contribution to the panel, Commonalities: Religion, Faith and Spirituality in a Multi-cultural World. … by openly discussing our differences … we can engage in an ongoing struggle to understand and create means of coping with one another in all of our rich diversity.”

--Kara Shultz

“Thank you for sharing your country with us. I learned many new things. Thank you and come again”.

--Devin, Danville elementary School

“During our student life in Bloomsburg University, we not only gave presentations about our cultures but also participated in a wide range of American Experience.”

--Shyer Amin, Gilberto Machado, Javier E. Navas, Marthe Beauvais

“International Diversity festival brings the US and international Students together.”

--Anh Tran, Husky Ambassador

BU supports learning by providing students with professional development opportunities such as internship, conference participation, diversity involvement and career experiences until graduation. Check the following links:

Professional experience throughout your college career -

Internship Opportunities -

Global Awareness Society International (GASI) -

PASSHE Summit – contact information -

International Forums – contact information –

Frederick Douglass Institute for Academic Excellence -

Multi-cultural Affairs -

Center for Diversity and Inclusion –

Women’s Resource Center -

LGBT Issues in the US -

Special International Cultural Events

We encourage all domestic and international students to participate in the following diversity activities. For further details, please contact

  • Participation in diversity activities organized by the Dean of Students Office, Multi-Cultural Center and Social Equity Offices, Women’s Resource Center, Gender and Diversity, Frederick Douglass Institute for Academic Excellence
  • International Reception to Welcome New and Returning Students
  • Bloomsburg Street festival
  • Homecoming Parade - October
  • International Diversity Festival - Spring
  • Veteran’s Day Parade - November
  • High School and elementary school presentations
  • Attendance and participation in International Students Association meetings, diversity festival and activities
  • Language translation for hospitals, law enforcement, US students
  • Diversity training for professionals of social service agencies and law enforcement professionals
  • Diversity activities organized by the International Education Services
  • Class presentations at the request of BU faculty and students
  • Host Family Activities
  • Assisting BU students in cross-cultural research for diversity
  • Conference participation for leadership development with domestic students such as GASI, PASSHE Summit, NAFSA,CIES and other diversity conferences
  • Support for GASI campus chapters for diversity activities
  • Support for Rotary International, International Torch club and other off-campus organizations
  • Participation in International Forums and leadership training with BU students
  • Participation in diversity activities organized by campus students’ associations such as Korean, Chinese, Saudi, African, European, Latin American, LGBT, etc.
  • Other diversity activities


Recently 11 international students participated in a panel discussion titled “Perception of International Students: An Analysis”. The panel was led by Dr. Madhav Sharma, Director of International Education Services at Bloomsburg University. Students participating in the panel shared their personal stories of adjusting at Bloomsburg University as an international student including their successes and challenges. At the end of the session students engaged in a lively Q&A session where they shared their opinion regarding best practices of dealing with international students in PASSHE institutes.


Students participating in the panel photographed with Dr. George Agbango and Dr. Madhav Sharma:
• ASM Tuhin
• Ikechukwu Ukonze
• Javier Navas
• Khalid Almaghlouth
• Khalid Alshehri
• Michael Adane
• Mohamed Abouelfotouh
• Nyi Tun
• Shyer Amin
• Sultan Almalki
• Yousef Alshammari


Ninety-Nine Percent of international students complete the program, graduate and are employed.