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Husky Shadows Job Shadowing Program


"My host showed me how to apply for Comcast internships geared for college students. I intend on applying for those internships for next summer…even though I was just shadowing, I got to contribute to another Comcast employee’s side project, which was an exciting experience and opened my mind in looking for ways to make processes more efficient.” — Mariam Sarkessian ‘17

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“Participating in the shadowing program is just one way that I can give back and stay connected to Bloomsburg University and BU students. It also allows for direct interaction and feedback over three days so that the student gets a well-rounded and complete experience.” — Ted Hodgins ‘89

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The Husky Shadows Program is an unpaid, multi-day 20 to 40 hour job shadowing program that allows you to learn about a career field by observing and working alongside current professionals. It is an ideal way to explore academic and career options, develop your network, and improve professional communication skills.

Job Shadowing

  • Am I eligible? — A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for participation in the Husky Shadows program; however a 2.5 GPA is preferred.
  • Will I be placed with an externship/shadowing host? — After completing a series of pre-work steps through the Husky Shadows BOLT course, you will be added to an online community made up of BU students and professionals who have expressed an interest in hosting BU students for an experience. It is your responsibility to locate a host through this group, or your own network.
  • How can I find a host?
        a. Through the Husky Shadows LinkedIn Group
        b. Reaching out to friends and family members who have contacts in companies where you would like to shadow
        c. Search Husky Career Link for organizations who are recruiting BU students for jobs and internships
  • What will this cost me? — There is no tuition cost associated with this program. Depending on the location of your host, you may have expenses to travel to and from the worksite.
  • What do I need to do to be enrolled in the program? — After you complete the interest form, you will be added to the Husky Shadows BOLT course. In that course, you will find instructions on how you can progress through the program.
  • What will be expected of me? — Like any other professional experience, you will be expected to be on time, dress appropriately for the workplace, and complete the paperwork required for the Husky Shadows program. Upon completion of your experience, you need to complete the student survey and ask your host to complete an evaluation and survey. Links to these forms can be found on this page and in the various materials in the BOLT course.
  • Will I get credit on my transcript? — The Husky Shadows program is not for academic credit. However, upon successful completion of all steps, you will receive a notation of completion on your academic transcript verifying your participation.

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Job Shadowing

Job shadow brings career options into focus

Catherine Garrity loves the creative edge marketing brings out in people and saw that firsthand through her recent job shadowing experience at Altitude Marking, an integrated B2B marketing agency in Emmaus.

“I love working with others to combine interests and ideas,” said Garrity, a business management major with a minor in marketing, adding the job shadow actually opened her eyes to an added career aspect to marketing. After speaking to Altitude’s public relations team, she began to envision a career path involving PR. She spent the day around several projects the team had worked on, including social media and writing.


SEL Program
SEL Experience
Job Hosting

Student: Rebecca Lee Luczun ‘ 17, Management
Host: Monique Bakoss, FirstService Residential
“I believe that everyone should take part in the SEL Program. Not only is it great for deciding on what career you may want to do in the future, but the networking, the professional experience, and being in Real Life situations and how to handle them. Therefore, when it comes time to look for a job, you will already have an idea on what to expect.”
- Rebecca Luczun
“I am going to apply and reach out to FirstService Residential again next summer because i enjoyed my time working here and the experience I got was extremely helpful in deciding where I can see myself in 5 years.”
- Rebecca Luczun
“Rebecca was wonderful and big help to us this summer. She caught on to procedures very quickly and asked questions which showed she grasped the concepts and reasons for the procedures. We gave her multiple projects and as time went on, she showed that she was detail-oriented and thorough enough to require minimal supervision/double-checking. She was a little nervous in speaking to Residents, but that also greatly improved with time & practice. We wish we could hire her permanently!”
-Monica Bakoss

Bridget Kane, Susquehanna Green Way
Student: Alana O’Rourke
“The student was able to assist us with two of our events which added to our capacity….This is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable knowledge and experience with a particular field and gain a better understanding of how organizations function in reality…The organization gains some assistance during this process and is able to share the mission and passion with the student” – Bridget Kane
“My SEL experience allowed me to work among professionals inside and outside the office. I learned how a nonprofit organization operates and how to carry myself in a professional setting….It was a good way to learn about what a company does before I pursue an internship with them.” – Alana O’Rourke

Other Host Quotes:
“I cannot think of a more effective way for an employer to recruit superb job candidates.” – Randy Mcdonnel, Benco Dental
“This is an excellent opportunity to create interest in your given profession and mentor students early in their studies.” -- Tracy Lanzafame, Human Resources Director; Town of Bloomsburg
“Hosting SEL Program students via job shadow not only allows me to offer up the advice and guidance I wish I had from someone in the workplace back in the day, but also benefits me with a fresh perspective and insights I might not have otherwise considered “ - Dave Marcolla, Comcast
“We love hosting the students because it gives us a look at potential employees and builds brand loyalty among the accounting students.” – Steve Carr, Kreischer Miller
“Working with prospective students is reminder that people like themselves may be in fact part of the next generation of talent in the corporate world. “ – Cassandra Duke, Merck & Company
"We had the pleasure of hosting an enthusiastic and professional student at our organization. She represented us well and was a joy to work with. We looked forward to the days that she was with our team." – Stacy Gagne, WJTL/Creative Ministries, Inc.
“The SEL program at Bloomsburg University is an excellent way for students to connect with professionals in their intended industry and gain a rare insight into the day-to-day operations of an organization.” – Michelle Richar, MetLife Stadium