The Bloomsburg University Honors Program offers scholarships to high-achieving students

Honors Scholarships

Honors works with admissions to identify candidates who are eligible for Academic Excellence, Academic Success, Board of Governors, and Presidential Leadership scholarships. These scholarships are offered to academically talented students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in a variety of scholarly, extracurricular, and leadership activities.

In addition, you will receive monies for conferences, international travel, and research.

And in the spring, we’ll help you apply for one of Bloomsburg University’s Undergraduate Research Scholarships and Creativity Activity (URSCA) Awards. These awards provide financial support of up to $6000.00 to students participating in summer research, scholarship, or creative activities.


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First Step:
Fill Out the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known as the FAFSA, is the key application to determine college financial aid. Filling it out unlocks access to federal aid such as the Pell Grant, and Bloomsburg University uses it to determine need-based financial aid awards.

Fill out the FAFSA
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