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Honors College Mission Statement

The Honors College at Bloomsburg University creates a diverse, dynamic community of excellent scholars and ethical leaders who understand their roles as global citizens. Through interdisciplinary creative and challenging coursework, co-curricular experiences, and research and creative projects, the program provides opportunities for high-achieving and high-potential students to expand their cultural and personal boundaries while reaching their intellectual and career goals.

Our Values

The values of the Honors College mirror those of the university community and are codified in the Bloomsburg University Strategic Plan, Impact 2017: Building on the Past, Leading for the Future. As a cornerstone of academic excellence, the Honors College will embody, through high impact practices, the values identified and committed to by the larger Bloomsburg University community: interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity, knowledge, community, excellence, opportunity, critical thinking, integrity, respect, and personal and professional growth. The Honors College will work to create ethical, educated, creative and emotionally intelligent leaders for a diverse and changing world.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading Honors Colleges in the PASSHE System and state of Pennsylvania, attracting high-achieving and high-potential students within the PASSHE system and the Commonwealth.

To function as an academic force within the university, influencing the overall academic tenor and providing an intellectual community for those who enter as first-year students and those who transfer into Honors from the Bloomsburg University community.

To prepare all students to be ethical, informed individuals who understand their leadership responsibilities in a culturally complex, global society.

Honors College Student Learning Objectives

1. Demonstrate effective communication and systematic critical thinking in coursework and on a long-term research or creative project.

2. Develop the behaviors and capabilities of ethical reasoning and effective leadership, including team development and self-management, through interdisciplinary courses and co-curricular activities.

3. Articulate insights into her or his own cultural, social, and political position in relation to regional, national, and international identities.

4. Provide evidence of civic-engagement and reflect upon the obligation we have to each other (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, Service Opportunities, Intranational and International Experiences, Center for Research and Engagement).

5. Engage in and reflect upon activities that establish career and life goals (e.g. URSCA, Professional U., Zeigler Institute, Center for Leadership and Engagement, McDowell Institute).


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