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You’ve raised a smart and talented student who’s ready to go to college. So how do you pick the right one?

Would you believe that in some ways it really doesn’t matter?

That’s right: A recent Gallup/Purdue University study measuring higher education’s impact on long-term career and life success determined that it doesn’t matter if your student goes to a public or private college, a highly selective college, or even a top 100-ranked school in U.S. News & World Report.

What matters — and what to look for in a college — are three key experiences.

According to Gallup/Purdue, your student is more likely to find success later in life — no matter which school they choose — if they have these three key college experiences:

    1. strong support and mentoring from professors who care about them, make them excited about learning, and encourage their dreams
    2. meaningful work on a long-term project in their field of interest
    3. and active involvement in extracurricular activities.

That’s why we hope you’ll take a close look at our Honors College.

Quick Contacts

Honors Program

Director   Julie Vandivere, Ph.D. | jvandive@bloomu.edu

Office Staff   Carly J. Morton | cmorton@bloomu.edu

Honors Office | B11 Luzerne Hall | 570-389-5481


Office of Admissions

Office of Financial Aid


Bloomsburg University’s Honors College provides the experiences linked to success later in life.

  • We foster a tight-knit, caring community focused on building lasting relationships: between students, between students and faculty, and between students and the world.
  • We keep our classes small, ensuring that our professors have the time and opportunity to get to know, support, and guide students individually throughout their undergraduate years.
  • We require our students to complete an independent, long-term, capstone project under the guidance of faculty experts.
  • We provide extended study-abroad experiences that are not only remarkably affordable but truly life-changing: our students return home with real confidence in themselves as world travelers and world citizens.
  • We expect our students to tackle real-world problems, collaborate in teams, and build leadership skills while completing required community service in an area of their choosing.
  • And we strongly encourage our students to take full advantage of the incredible variety of activities BU offers, including club, intramural, and Division II sports, as well as more than 250 clubs and organizations — from arts and faith-based groups to business, entertainment, science, and political organizations.

But please don’t just take our word for it. Visit us if you can. Or call or email us with your questions. We’ll help you and your student decide if our program is right for you. And we’ll be happy to talk to you about scholarships, study-abroad opportunities, Honors housing, and more.

You want the best for your high-achieving student. So do we.


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