The Bloomsburg University Honors College provides skill-based leadership training.

Honors Skill-Based Leadership Training

High-achieving students like you are often told that you are tomorrow’s leaders. And it’s true: you’ve already shown you have the potential to succeed in ways others haven’t. But nobody is born a leader.

That’s where the Honors College steps in.

We’ll help you take the potential you already have, combine it with guidance from those who have gone before you and begin building the skills you need to be a leader.

You’ll get both academic and social opportunities to meet leaders in a wide range of fields, practice critical leadership techniques, and experiment in different leadership capacities and situations. In the process, you’ll learn to. . .

  • demonstrate a strong tolerance for ambiguity
  • empathize with individuals presenting a variety of experiences
  • examine, evaluate and elevate different perspectives
  • develop self-awareness through regular and active reflection
  • and become an effective, ethical and global-minded leader.

You’ll be encouraged to assume active leadership responsibilities on campus, in the community, and in the following ways within the Honors College itself:

Honors Student Ambassadors

If you’re selected as an Honors Ambassador, you’ll help prospective students through their college decision-making process by answering questions about the Honors College and Bloomsburg University, offering personal advice, and mentoring new Honors students.

Honors Executive Board

Members of the Honors College elect representatives to serve on the Honors Executive Board every year. If elected, you’ll work to coordinate a variety of social and community service activities, mentor new students, and provide feedback to the director and the Honors Advisory Committee.


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National Collegiate Honors Council

National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC)

Bloomsburg University Honors students travel to the annual NCHC conference each fall. When it’s your turn, you’ll participate in “Students in Honors” sessions, present research in poster sessions, and network with Honors students from around the country.