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Honors Experience

Bloomsburg University’s Honors College combines the affordability, resources, academics and campus life of a comprehensive state university with the seminar-style classes, personal attention, close interaction with faculty and supportive community you would expect at a prestigious liberal arts college.

From your very first day on campus — when current Honors students will meet you and your family to help you move into Honors Learning Community housing — to when you graduate with Honors, yours will be among the most supportive, enriching, and personalized undergraduate experiences available anywhere. Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

Exclusive Honors Scholarships

You’ll be among the best students to arrive on campus. For that, we’ll do all we can to reward you with our exclusive Honors scholarships.

Read more about Honors scholarships available to you.

Select Honors Learning Community Housing

Wondering how you’ll find your group of friends in college? As an Honors student, you’ll live and laugh with them from, well, the day before day one.

Find out how living in the Honors Learning Community will ease your transition to college.

BU Honors students welcoming Honors freshmen to campus

Rigorous, Interdisciplinary, Student-Driven Academics

At the heart of the Honors College is an interdisciplinary, experiential, academic curriculum that offers you:

  • small, discussion-based, Honors classes
  • independent, student-driven, capstone project with dedicated faculty mentors
  • intense, one-on-one engagement with faculty and peers
  • ongoing, individualized attention
  • and the freedom to explore ideas and opportunities across disciplines and around the globe.

See your Honors Program academic requirements.

BU Honors students with professor in Krakow, Poland

Faculty-Led Honors Education Abroad

It’s no secret that to gain an informed perspective of the world — and your place in it — requires reaching beyond your personal boundaries. That’s why the Bloomsburg University Honors College ensures you have enviable opportunities to travel and explore the world.

Discover where in the world you’ll go as an Honors student.

Distinguished Honors Faculty

Dedicated, award-winning professors and groundbreaking researchers, the Honors faculty are leaders in their respective disciplines and ideally positioned to mentor and advise you from your first year on.

Meet the people of Honors.

Active Skills-Based Leadership Training

High-achieving students like you are often told that you are tomorrow’s leaders. And it’s true: you’ve already shown you have the potential to succeed in ways others haven’t. But nobody is born a leader. That’s where the Honors College steps in.

Learn how Honors will prepare you to lead no matter what your field.

Life-Changing Social and Civic Engagement

As an Honors student, you’ll be expected to become involved in social and civic engagement. Why? Research shows that if you commit to helping your community outside the classroom, you’ll be smarter, quicker, and more engaged in the classroom.

Find out why engaging with your community will make you a better Honors student.


Follow the links on this page to learn more about the Bloomsburg University Honors experience, then schedule a visit to campus. It's the best way to get to know us!


Bloomsburg University Honors students participate in BU's Big Event