Bloomsburg University Honors students helping others through social and civic engagement

Life-Changing Honors Social & Civic Engagement

The Honors College requires every Honors student to become involved in social and civic engagement. Why? Research shows that if you commit to helping your community outside the classroom, you’ll be smarter, quicker, and more engaged in the classroom.

That’s because you’ll. . .

  • shift from being a passive knowledge receiver to an active idea generator as you consider and solve all kinds of community challenges
  • hone higher-order skills, including real-world critical thinking, professional communication, organizational development and more
  • learn to collaborate across diverse populations and perspectives and develop self-efficacy in your ability to do good in the world

In short, helping others through social and civic engagement will help you.

So think about what you might like to do. Imagine yourself. . .

  • working at a homeless or women’s shelter
  • planting trees with local environmental groups
  • volunteering with a civil rights or arts organization
  • reducing food waste by channeling leftovers from restaurants to those in need
  • tutoring area school children
  • promoting voter education and registration
  • assisting patients and their families in hospitals
  • joining a volunteer fire department
  • cleaning kennels at an animal shelter
  • advocating for drunk driving prevention or drug abuse awareness
  • traveling with Habitat for Humanity to build homes.

The Bloomsburg University Honors College will help you find opportunities to make a difference. . .and that will make a difference in you.


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Bloomsburg University Honors students working with Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

As an Honors student, you may choose to accept Habitat for Humanity's "Collegiate Challenge" and spend one of your breaks traveling with Habitat to build safe, affordable housing for families in need. Habitat promises that you'll "learn about substandard living conditions and how affordable housing builds strength, stability and self-reliance for homeowners. . .life lessons you'll carry with you far into the future."

Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge