Honors Program

Honors College

Enter smart. Leave brilliant.

Imagine a college experience that begins by applauding you for your high scores and potential then …

  • welcomes you into a select, talented, diverse, and close-knit community of students and faculty who know that smart is just the beginning of who you are
  • challenges you with daily opportunities for truly deep and experiential learning in the fields that interest you most
  • gives you the one-on-one support and attention you’d expect at a prestigious college while providing all the benefits, activities, and affordability of a state university
  • and rewards you with choice scholarships, life-changing international travel, and the tightest group of friends you’ll ever have.

Imagine yourself a part of Bloomsburg University’s Honors College.

It’s designed for smart students like you who want the very best experience that an undergraduate education can offer: a rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum, a cohort of creative and passionate peers, and the professional guidance and support to explore, create, learn, and succeed brilliantly.


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Honors Staff

Director   Julie Vandivere, Ph.D.   jvandive@bloomu.edu

Office Staff Angela Ciucci   aciucci@bloomu.edu   570-389-5331

Honors Office | Lycoming Hall 221 | 570-389-5481


Highlights of the Honors College

Bloomsburg University's Honors College provides exceptional opportunities for high-achieving and high-potential students like you to expand your cultural and personal boundaries while reaching your intellectual and career goals.

As an honors student, you’ll enjoy the very best Bloomsburg University has to offer. Highlights of the program include:

  • Merit and need-based honors scholarships
  • Select Honors Learning Community housing and priority move-in
  • Small, discussion-based honors classes and experiential activities in and outside the classroom
  • Integrated, student-driven research opportunities with dedicated faculty mentors
  • Unparalleled, faculty-led travel, study-abroad, and service opportunities
  • Skills-based, leadership training through social, civic, academic, and professional opportunities and events
  • A networked honors community of current students, alumni, and faculty committed to the lifelong success of all
Honors Independent Study

Honors project introduces anthropology to children

A new anthropology program with an archaeology twist brought to Camp Victory this summer as part of its Nature Center activities, courtesy of this Husky’s honors research. Summer intern Anne Snyder — a triple major in anthropology, French and psychology — created a curriculum in conjunction with Susan Dauria, professor of anthropology, to teach children about local Native American Culture, history and archaeology. The new curriculum was utilized as part of Camp Victory’s Nature Center activities.

The summer experience served as both Snyder’s honors project and a research practicum she needs as part of her anthropology major (research track). She is a double major with anthropology and psychology. The creation of this curriculum is part of a move of Dauria’s archaeology summer camp program (that began in 2010 with Quest), to Camp Victory.