History Internships



History Internships

Internships in the Department of History (42.497)  

   History's Internship Coordinator -   Dr. Nancy Gentile Ford

nford@bloomu.edu           Old Science Hall 112

The Department of History is committed to our internship program and encourages both history majors and history/secondary education majors to gain real life experience through these opportunities.  The process of searching for and identifying an appropriate internship constitutes a job search experience that can be quite valuable, and the internship experience can help students prepare for and secure potential careers.  


         Who is Eligible?

 Applying Credit? 

 Why do an Internship? 


 History majors must have:
15 semester hours of history and at least   2.0


An internship can replace one of the 300-400 Level History Electives (3 Credits)


The importance of an internship experience cannot be overstated:


Students can do Internships any time during a semester or the summer.


Must successfully complete both Historiography and Historical Methods (42-298) and Research and Writing Skills (42-398).  



If a student’s internship is more than 3 credits, any remaining credits become elective credits.



1.  Develop and build upon skills learned    at BU. Opportunity to develop your knowledge alongside a professional.

2.  Explore if a potential career option is a good fit.

Internships can be taken near        Bloomsburg, near your home      residence,or anywhere else!



Students can earn three (3) to twelve (12) credits for an internship and will work from ten to forty hours.





Students pay tuition for Internships based on how many credits they take.





3.  Meet and work with professionals and establish a network.

4.  Get a head start into your field… Be  more competitive in your job search.





Samples of recent student  internships are listed below and details can be found on the internship database.





 3 cr. x 10 hr.  =   120 hrs.

 6 cr. x 20 hr.  =   240 hrs.

 9 cr. x 30 hr.  =   360 hrs

12 cr. x 40 hr. =   480 hrs.

Most Internships are unpaid,  BUT still worth doing!!


5. Internship professionals can provide references for your job search or for graduate school.

6.  Internships can turn into a job.




       Make an appointment

       with Dr. Ford to discuss

       the best choice for you!



See Database for Specific Details (Re: Internship Title, Contact Information, and Job Description). Please see Dr. Ford before applying for internships.


Historic Site

Historic Site

Historic Site

Historic Site

Pennsylvania Heritage Society, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), Harrisburg, PA

Northumberland County Historical Society,Sunbury, PA

Office of Homeland Security of PA
Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum (PHMC Site),Scranton, PA

                           Eckley Miner’s Village                           (PHMC Site), Weatherly, PA

Morristown National Historical Park  (National Park Service Site),Morristown, NJ

Independence National Park, Independence Living --   History/Archeology Lab, Philadelphia, PA

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Historical Site,,  Ashland, PA

Congressman Chris Carney’s Office,       Williamsport, PA/ Washington, D.C.   

U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA

               Berwick Historical Society                   Berwick, PA

Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, Battery Park,      New York City, NY

                            Sea Port Museum                             Philadelphia, PA 

State Representative David Millard’s Office, Bloomsburg & Harrisburg, PA

The Spruance Library, Mercer Museum, Doylestown, PA  

      National Constitutional Center,              Independence Mall,  Philadelphia, PA

The National Museum of the United States Navy, Washington, DC

District Attorney’s Office
Cory J. Snook
Juniata County Courthouse
Mifflintown, PA 17059
Beautyman Alvstad, LLP
Attorneys at Law
Flourtown, PA
Packwood House Museum
Lewisburg, PA

Historic Bethlehem Partnership
Bethlehem PA

Chester County History Society,
West Chester, PA
U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA Wilson College Archives,
Chambersburg, PA
The Institute for Cultural and Society
Digital Humanities Project
Bloomsburg, PA
Columbia County Historical
and Genealogical Society
Bloomsburg, PA
Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
Morristown, NJ
Andruss Library University Archive,   
Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA
Union County Historical Society
Lewisburg, PA
Bloomsburg Rotary Club
Bloomsburg PA

Eisenhower National Historic Site,      National Park Service, Gettysburg, PA 

Hagley Museum
Wilmington, Delaware

Joseph Priestly House, Northumberland, PA

Gordner, John R. 
Pennsylvania State Senator
Bloomsburg, PA