Healthy Husky

Healthy Husky


Free and confidential online screenings 

ScreenU is a free and confidential online screening tool available to all Bloomsburg University students. It can be completed in as little as 2-3 minutes and can help students identify problem behaviors. The tool offers personalized, non-judgmental feedback, and directs students to nearby support resources.

Getting Started with ScreenU

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What is Healthy Husky?

Programs, services, and events that educate and motivate students to adopt healthy behaviors. Research demonstrates that healthy students are successful students. Healthy Husky efforts could include:

  • information, interaction and awareness about the benefits of stress management
  • healthy eating
  • getting the flu shot
  • mindful behaviors
  • smart choices about alcohol, and other drugs, including tobacco to name just a few

We partner with others across campus to promote the Healthy Husky choice, spreading the word and making sure students are aware of healthy alternatives, be that healthy food choices, active lifestyles, or alternative fun activities.

Healthy Campus 2020

To demonstrate a commitment to Healthy Husky, university leadership recently "took the pledge" to be a Healthy Campus. BU joined a diverse, motivated group of institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, and government agencies committed to achieving Healthy Campus 2020 goals and objectives. Healthy Campus Partners work every day to move campuses across our nation toward better health. No two Healthy Campus initiatives are exactly alike. Healthy Husky focuses on students only at this time, yet everyone can benefit.

Healthy Campus 2020 uses a framework to support campuses in improving the health of their students, staff, and faculty. In this framework it is critical to get student input on what it means to be healthy, what students know about healthy behaviors, and how to help promote healthy choices. Although many programs are already in place, this effort is still organizing and gaining momentum. We are always looking for student input on what works and what is meaningful for them when it comes to being "healthy."

Healthy Husky Pledge Badge


Health and Wellness

Postpartum experience inspires GA to help others

Having children can be the greatest joy mothers imagine. However, for some, the experience can also lead to depression — an illness one Bloomsburg University graduate student knows firsthand. Kim Plaza, a graduate assistant with BU’s Health and Wellness who is pursuing a master’s in College Student Affairs, dealt with the struggles of postpartum depression with her first two children.

“I can remember feeling embarrassed about this diagnosis and need for medication,” said the mother of five, who studies psychology as an undergraduate. “After learning more about mental illness, I realized I was one of millions of people who were going through the same thing.”

Working with health and wellness as a graduate assistant has given her a lot of insight into the work BU is doing for mental health awareness. The department is working tirelessly to provide speakers and information to assist and educate students, according to Plaza.