Class Absence and Medical Excuses

Class Absence and Medical Excuses

Class Absence You cannot obtain a Verification of Health Center Visit form if you have not been evaluated by one of the SHC providers. If you miss class because you are sick, be sure to contact all of your professors as soon as possible, so missed class work can be made up or obtained from others.

  • The Student Health Center (SHC) will not issue written excuses for individually missed classes.
  • Students who have been evaluated by one of the SHC medical staff may request a "Verification of SHC Visit" form. This form may then be shown to the professor(s) to validate the student's visit.
  • If you are seen by a doctor outside of the SHC, you may obtain written verification from that doctor to show to your professors.

Extended Medical Illness - notify SHC triage nurse at 570-389-4451

Initiated when:

  • Unable to attend classes for three or more consecutive days due to illness and/or injury.

Initiated by:

  • Family doctor
  • Mental health doctor
  • Student Health Center provider
  • Emergency Room report

Student must provide:

  • Verification of the illness with dates, before the notice can be sent to professors

The SHC will not give out any information regarding your medical situation to anyone: family, professors, friends, or even other health care facilities, without your written consent. Professors may not call the SHC to obtain any information on your medical absence.