Student Success Collaborative Guide

Bloomsburg University's Student Success Collaborative Guide is a first year, student-centered mobile app providing students with information that will keep them on the path toward academic success and timely graduation.

Guide helps reduce the noise, so you'll get connected to the right resources at the right time.

In Guide, you'll find ...

  • Suggested steps to take each semester to excel in your studies and graduate on time
  • Campus events so you're in the know
  • Easy access to campus resources so you can find answers quickly


Guide Features

Major Explorer: Match your interests and career goals with the right major, and look at transferrable skills and career options for each major.

Journeys: Step-by-step guidance and tips on paying for college, making progress towards your degree, getting involved on campus, and much more.

Class Schedule: View your class schedule, and integrate it into your smartphone with the push of a button.

Hold Center: Connect to the right office so you can quickly resolve holds.