Gender Studies Minor Program

The purpose of the Gender Studies Minor (GSM), which offers cross-listed courses in sixteen departments across Bloomsburg campus, is the study of social, cultural, and historical constructions of gender and its intersections with other constructions such as race, class, nation, and sexuality.

The program investigates gender relationships and inequalities in a variety of societal contexts and strives to provide co-curricular experiences to enhance the Gender Studies Minor curriculum and raise awareness about issues of gender. Eighteen credit hours are required to complete this minor program.

Office of Gender Studies

GSM Director
Christina Francis |
113B Bakeless Center | 570-389-4661

Gender Studies Blog

In a continuation of telling more stories related to Gender and Identity on campus, the Gender Studies Minor welcomes its second intern, Jose Gamboa, a graduating senior in English and Interdisciplinary Studies, with minors in Music and Gender Studies. Jose will develop and pursue new stories each week, related to news and highlights about BU campus life, including Gender Studies course work, Gender Studies Alumni interviews, and other events relevant to the mission of the Gender Studies minor. Check it out now!