Careers in Information Technology

Q: Why Choose a Master of Science in Information Technology?

A: Jobs are in Demand and Excellent Growth Projections for Jobs!


Regional Needs Analysis for Information Technology Professionals

Regionally, the need for Information Technology Professionals is also vast and growing daily. In a 2018 Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) summary report, there were over 16,000 related information technology job posting within the last year that required a Master’s Degree. Table 1 illustrates the recent breakdown of Pennsylvania and surrounding states that posted available jobs requiring a Master’s Degree and are relative to Information Technology and its associated occupations.

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Table 1: Information Technology Job Postings in Pennsylvania and Surrounding States Requiring a Master’s Degree

State Unique Postings (Feb 2017 - Feb 2018)
New York 26,253
Maryland 23,233
New Jersey 20,735
Pennsylvania 16,129
Ohio 10,944

Commonwealth Needs Analysis for Information Technology Professionals

Furthermore, the need for Information Technology within Pennsylvania has been consistently growing. According to Pennsylvania State Civil Services Commission (2016) “nearly all Commonwealth agencies utilize IT professionals. The demand remains strong for qualified individuals in this career field”. Table 2 lists a sampling of jobs related to the information technology field, their respective median wages in Pennsylvania and the United States, and their ten (10)-year growth projections. The data also supports the strong demand for qualified information technology professionals.

Table 2: Sampling of Employment Data for Information Technology Related Jobs

O *Net USA Median Wage Data (2014), PA Center for Workforce Information and Analysis Occupational Wages (2014), Number of Jobs in 2014, and Project Job Openings USA (2014-2024)

Median Wage

Number of Jobs
SOC Relevant Job Title PA USA Number of Jobs in 2014 10yr Job Projection
Data Modeling/Warehousing and Database Administration/Scientists $75,130 $80,280 120,000 39,200
IT Analysis/Analyst Manager $84,800 $82,710 568,000 191,600
Information Technology Project Manager - $83,410 233,000 37,700