Global Awareness Society International

Global Awareness Society International

Think Globally. Act Locally.

Global Awareness
Global students enjoy Halloween with pumpkin carving.

Global Awareness
Interfaith scholars search for religious harmony.

Global Awareness Society International

Bloomsburg University's student chapter of Global Awareness Society International (GASI) is recognized as a regional agent of change for advancing cross-cultural understanding, sensitivity to the impact of globalization on the planet, and promotion of partnerships between educational institutions, business and non-government organizations (NGOs) to solve world issues.

GASI was founded to create a network of scholars, professionals and others dedicated to the mutual understanding and global peace. Through intentional social interaction and civic education, GASI members wish to transform themselves to create a campus-wide cross-cultural understanding in hope to find solution for humanities' greatest challenge toward peace.

Global Awareness Activities

  • Social networking with international students and faculty.
  • Facilitation of activities related to BU participation in the Model African Union, European Union and Organization of American States.
  • Cooperation in the planning and implementation of events and speakers on campus.
  • Washington DC Trip to: World Bank, International Monetary Fund, AFL-CIO and more.
  • New York trip to: United Nations, Wall Street, and more.
  • Coordinating one service project per semester.
  • Research minded students have a chance to develop a paper on a self -chosen topic and to then compete for a scholarship to assist in attending the Annual GASI Conference.
  • And even more activities to develop leadership and organizational skills, public speaking, teamwork and more.

Global Awareness Goals

  • Promote awareness of the diverse cultures within our global community.
  • Promote partnerships between education, business, government and NGOs as a mean to solve world issues.
  • Enhance understanding of political, economic, social, demographic, technological, and environmental issues.
  • Increase understanding of science and education as ways to promote economic development and solve world issues.
  • Raise sensitivity to issues related to rapid globalization.
  • Increase interest in research related to global issues on and off campus.