Getting Involved

With more than 250 student clubs and organizations, there’s a group just for you — ranging from community service, faith, the arts, business, entertainment and athletics.

  • Club Sports — with 16 active NCAA intercollegiate teams, offers opportunities to test your athleticism and competitive spirit.
  • CGA — Community Government Association provides an opportunity for students to govern themselves in a democratic manner and oversees various areas including: Community Activities, Kehr Union, University Store, the Student Recreation Center and Honeysuckle Student Apartments.
  • Center for Leadership and Engagement — offers the Activities and Involvement Fair, the Leadership Certification program, community service volunteerism opportunities, the Co-Curricular transcript for students to document their learning experiences and enhance their professional portfolios as well as training and support for student organizations and clubs.
  • DAWN — Drug Alcohol Wellness Network focuses on helping students fully understand how a choice to use alcohol and drugs can affect their health, academic performance, career and legal standing.
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life — with 29 recognized organizations, provides an added student life option for lifetime friendship, service to the community.
  • Intramural Sports — offers opportunities in a wide variety of sports in the fall, winter and spring through various leagues ending in tournament play.
  • Program Board — plans nearly all campus events, including monthly midnight pizza, bingo and dance clubs, as well as popular events such as hypnotists, comedians, open-mic night and an annual semi-formal.
  • Quest Outdoor Adventure and Leadership — a leadership development program that offers exciting, educational courses, mostly at the beginner and intermediate level, in Pennsylvania, the United States, Africa, South and Central America and Europe. Its on-campus facilities include a static and dynamic high ropes course, a low ropes course and climbing tower.
Sigma Sigma Sigma

Tri Sigma lends helping hand to NYC homeless

Before heading home for the holidays, a group of Sigma Sigma Sigma sisters made a quick pit stop in New York City to hand out some holiday cheer.

It was the second time the sorority coordinated their own Take My Hand project where they handed out donated items such as food, toiletries and gloves to the homeless. This year they were joined by a few fellow fraternity and sorority volunteers.

“They (homeless) are so thankful people are out there who actually care and are trying to do something to help,” said Lena Kabak, a senior Tri Sigma sister who launched the Take My Hand initiative last year. “Even if it’s nothing big, we are trying to do something. The smiles were endless. From every person sitting on the street who had their head down with their cardboard sign, I can assure you they picked their head up and smiled after receiving some of the items from us.”