French class


Program Director

Dr. Nathalie Cornelius | 570-389-4777
Department of Languages and Cultures

French Track Course Requirements (27 credits)

FRENCH 203: Intermediate French: Cultural History

FRENCH 204: Intermediate French: Francophone Arts & Humanities

(By advisement, students may substitute FRENCH.203 and FRENCH.204 with French electives if they place out of the course on the Language Placement Test).

FRENCH 205: Applied Phonetics and Pronunciation

FRENCH 206: Structure of the French Language

FRENCH 207: Conversation: French Daily Life

FRENCH 401: Advanced French Language

One of the following:

FRENCH 402: Contemporary Issues in Francophone Media

OR FRENCH 423: Black Francophone Writers & Cultures

One of the following:

FRENCH 331: Selected 20th-Century Writers

FRENCH 422: Masterpieces of French Literature

Three Credits by advisement from the following:

FRENCH 290: French Studies Abroad

FRENCH 309: Commercial French

FRENCH 333: French through Film

FRENCH 431: Special Topics

Common Core (Required):

Languages and Cultures 200: Comparative Cultural Studies

Languages and Cultures 400: Comparative Language Studies

Secondary Education in Languages and Cultures additional requirement:

Languages and Cultures 350: Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

Minor in French: 18 credits

NB: Take the French Language Placement Test (free, does not earn credits), the French CLEP test or the French OPI test to verify a starting point other than French 101. If you don't take a placement test, your starting point is French 101. (

French 102 French II
French 203 Intermediate French: Cultural History
French 204 Intermediate French: Francophone Arts of Humanities
French 206 Structures of the French Language

6 additional credits in French (see Dr. Cornelius for details)