Student Off-Campus Field Trips

Student Off-Campus Field Trips

Off Campus Student Field Trip Guidelines establish travel guidelines associated with reimbursement of travel, subsistence and related expenses for student off-campus/field trip expenses. These guidelines are in accordance with PASSHE Board of Governors Policy 1986-07-A Travel Expense Regulations.

A Student Off-Campus/Field Trip is defined as any trip away from the campus taken by a student(s) sponsored by a faculty/staff member and approved by the appropriate VP/Dean. For liability purposes, individuals not employed by the University or enrolled as a student are not allowed to participate in these trips (i.e. spouses, friends, etc).

Planning is essential! Please review the guidelines, as well as a procedural flow chart, prior to organizing your event so all paperwork and approval forms are completed properly. All events require the Student Off-Campus Field Trip form to be completed prior to the event. This will ensure timely payment of pre-trip expenses and post-trip reimbursements.


    Student Off-Campus Field Trip Guidelines

    Student Off-Campus Field Trip Flow Chart

    Student Off-Campus Field Trip Form

Please contacts Accounts Payable with any questions.