Travel Card

Travel Card

Finance and Business Services personnel strongly encourage anyone who will be doing work-related travel to obtain a travel card. The travel card is a charge card issued to an individual used exclusively for all official business travel on behalf of Bloomsburg University. The card may not be used to purchase goods or services for personal purposes (except as noted in the Travel Card Policy Sections C6, C7, and C8).

Travel Card Advantages

The travel card provides employees the convenience of making hotel, airline and seminar registrations by telephone, mail, fax or through the Internet. The card can also be used for meals while in business travel. Employees are able to make travel arrangements quickly and can reduce the amount of cash needed on a business trip. Also, the credit card company does not report the activity on your corporate card to any credit bureau. In addition, the card is marked “Tax Exempt” so that Pennsylvania state sales tax will not be charged.


All charges made on the card are the employee’s responsibility. The University will not be liable. Travelers must file an accurate travel expense voucher, with all required documentation and approvals attached, in a timely fashion. Reimbursement for reasonable, ordinary and necessary business expenses that fall with in travel guidelines and are submitted in a timely fashion, will always be paid to the employee prior to the credit card bill due date. The employee is responsible to pay the balance in full BEFORE the due date, regardless of reimbursement. The travel card should not be used for non-business expenses.


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