Military Member or Veterans

Military Funding and Aid

The military supports its service members and families in many different ways with a variety of benefits. If you will be using one of these benefits, you will need to reach out to us after you receive your invoice email notification, and advise us of the benefit type, as well as the potential amount EACH Semester. We may be able to defer the portion covered, if the funds are being released directly to the University on your behalf. Benefits that will be paid directly to the service member, or family of the service member will not be eligible for deferment. Any balance due that is not covered by a deferment or other pending financial aid should be paid  to BU by the first day of the semester/term. The Military Benefits Checklist may be helpful in sorting through your benefits and assist in determining what will be covered and what is due out of pocket.

All students receiving military benefits must make a choice of which benefit they want to use if they are entitled to several.  In MOST cases, aid cannot exceed the full-time costs of tuition and fees at the in-state rate. Review your benefits directly with the military if you have questions or concerns.

Military Benefits Checklist

Combining Benefits / Limits

Some of the military education benefits can be combined with a total limit, some can be combined with no limit, and others cannot be combined at all.

Changing your schedule?

If you change your schedule after submitting your TA Authorization Form or after your account has been certified by the Certifying Office, you MUST update your enrollment with the Certifying Official and notify the Bursar Office. Classes may have different costs, AND when grades are entered they are per course. This is critical and very important. Neither office will be checking this for you until its time to invoice, at that time it may be too late to correct your enrollment and you could lose out on your benefit for that class. You must self-disclose. It may also be necessary to update your enrollment via the GoArmy website, etc.

Military Aid

The military offers several programs that enable enlistees to earn and save money for college - The G.I Bill, Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP), Education Assistance Program (EAP), signing bonuses and "kicker" programs. Because of career training, educational opportunities and benefits are different for each branch of the military, we suggest that you talk to a local recruiter about specifics for the branch of the military in which you are interested.

**All students are ultimately responsible for the balance due on their student account regardless of the resources being used to satisfy the balance due. Students should regularly monitor their account activity paying close attention to payments, financial aid and charges due. Any balance not covered by military benefits or other pending financial aid is due by the first day of the term/semester.

Questions? Need guidance?

Bursar Office – Tom Volkert (TA) – – 570-389-4804

Financial Aid Office – Ed Mooney (EAP) – – 570-389-4498

Office of Military and Veterans Resources – Bob Heckrote (Military Supervisor / Academic Advisor) – – 570-389-3856

Student Success Center – Dawn Orzolek (GI-Bill Certifying Official) – – 570-389-4264