Grant Accounting (Non Student)

Grant Accounting (Non Student)

Grant Accounting is responsible for post-award grant administration and accounting, including expenditure analysis, approvals and financial reporting.

The grant accountant:

  • establishes grant/contract fund centers and sets up budget structure in SAP
  • meets with Project Directors and Director of ORSP to review project award and procedures for expending funds in accordance with rules, regulations and guidelines of the University and funding agencies
  • approves all grant expenditures - makes sure they fall within grant guidelines and budgets, and have proper approval signatures
  • maintains spreadsheets of all grant activity - shares with Project Director regularly or upon request
  • invoices funding agencies, draws down funds and codes
  • checks for deposit to appropriate grant fund centers
  • prepares financial reports for governmental and funding agencies
  • calculates allowable indirect cost for reimbursement
  • establishes grant/contract fund centers and sets up budget structure in SAP

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Project Directors - To see the current status of your awards (available balances, expense detail, outstanding commitments, etc.), please click on this link to view your BI Award Status Report. In order to provide security for confidential information, each user will be required to use their log on to gain access to the BI system. Please contact Dianna Burger if you need a password or logon assistance. For assistance understanding and navigating the reports, visit Bloomsburg University's award status training guide.


Post Awards Grant Manual

To review the policies and procedures related to post award grants activity and management, please review the Post Awards Grant Manual.

Please refer to the FAQ link for answers to these questions: 

  • How do I know how much money I have left to spend?
  • How do I transfer funds?
  • How do I get my budget set up so I can begin spending funds?
  • What are my responsibilities as Project Director?
  • How do I pay my student?
  • How do I purchase food from my grant?

Please direct all post-award questions to Dianna Burger 570-389-4022.

All pre-award inquiries should be made to Christine Orlando, IRB Administrator, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).