Application - Deferment Tuition Payment

Eligibility and Rules

In order to be eligible for deferment of tuition payment, a student must:

* Submit the application for deferment by the end of the Add/Drop period;
* Be gainfully employed by a firm which has a tuition-benefit policy;
* Furnish a bona fide copy of his/her employer's policy;
* Complete and submit the online Application of Deferment;
* Have all previous balances owed to Bloomsburg University paid in full;
* Pay all fees due at registration;
* Remit at registration the difference in tuition when an employer pays only a percentage thereof.

All deferments are due and payable within two weeks after the semester ends, whether or not the total amount of your tuition obligation has been paid by your employer. Bloomsburg University reserves the right to accept or reject any employer's tuition benefit policy. If for any reason, a student's application is rejected, the student will be notified of the reason for the rejection.

NOTE: The application process is not complete until Bloomsburg University receives a copy of the employer's policy regarding tuition reimbursement and the Employer's Certification of Eligibility.

The Employer's Certification of Eligibility can be found on the bursar office forms page.

I understand and agree that if, for any reason, my employer refuses payment, I take leave of my present place of employment, or if I withdraw from my classes after the 100% cancellation period, I will be responsible to Bloomsburg University for the immediate and full payment of all tuition due.

By submitting this application, if Bloomsburg University bills my employer directly, I authorize Bloomsburg University to release my grades to my employer.