Accounts Payable (Non-Student)

The accounts payable department is responsible for processing disbursements and issuing checks to all vendors for services and supplies provided to Bloomsburg University, as well as travel reimbursements to all employees. Payments are made in accordance with established Spending Guidelines for Public Funds as well as Travel Policies and Purchasing Card policies where applicable. Payments are processed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except during holidays.


Vendor payments - Bloomsburg University requires all vendors have a completed W-9 form on file before payment can be made. Vendors will be contacted if A/P receives an invoice for payment but cannot process due to lack of a W-9.

Vendor ACH Option - Vendors have the choice of receiving payment via ACH instead of by check. This option improves processing time and the vendor will have their payment in their bank account faster than with the traditional check method. Sign up for ACH payments today!


What Form/Method Do I Use to Make or Request a Payment?

Please refer to the "What Form/Method Do I Use to Make or Request a Payment?" document for a comprehensive listing of the types of expenditures that may be incurred by the university and the forms/methods necessary to make or request payments to vendors, university personnel, Council of Trustees (COT) and students. Also included in the document are links to the appropriate spending guideline and/or university policy.

Justification/Approval for Food Purchases

The purchase of business meeting meals for university business meetings is permitted only when the meeting includes: a). employees from more than one PASSHE entity who are necessary for the business purpose of the meeting or b). participants who are not PASSHE employees who are necessary for the business purpose of the meeting. Common examples of external parties include: candidates, speakers, and recruiters. As with all expenditures of public funds, universities are expected to use prudence in determining the appropriateness of purchasing food with public funds.

Miscellaneous Request for Payment (MR)

An MR can only be used to make a direct payment when the use of a Purchase Requisition (PR), Rush Order (RO), travel card or purchasing card is not appropriate. Use of an MR is not permitted for food purchases, contracted services or travel reimbursements. Before submitting an MR to A/P, a funds reservation must be set up, receipts attached and all necessary approval signatures obtained to ensure accurate and timely payment. Note: There should be no direct reimbursements to employees . All stipends or payments for services performed must be processed through the payroll office.

Taking students off campus?

Please review the Off Campus Student Field Trip Guidelines so you know what paperwork and approval forms need to be filled out prior to event to ensure compliance with regulations and proper reimbursement of expenditures (if any). Please contact A/P with any questions before taking students off campus.

Please use the forms link for the following:

  • Justification/Approval for Food Purchases
  • Miscellaneous Request for Payment
  • Vendor W-9
  • Vendor ACH Authorization
  • Tax Exempt Certificate