Student Withdrawal and Treatment of Title IV Funds

If a student withdraws from Bloomsburg University, a portion of the Title IV financial aid funds the student received may need to be returned to the federal government.

If a student withdraws before completing 60 percent of the semester, the student is only entitled to financial aid based on the percentage of time that was completed.

A student who withdraws from the university after 60 percent of the semester has been completed is entitled to 100 percent of the federal financial aid that was awarded to the student.

The student should note that PA State Grant Program may still require a reduction of the Pennsylvania Grant if a student’s charges are reduced as a result of a withdrawal from one or more classes or a complete withdrawal from Bloomsburg University.

If a student who has borrowed from the Direct Loan program withdraws from Bloomsburg University, the student must repay those loans according to the terms of the promissory note.

Financial aid funds that must be returned as a result of withdrawal must be done in the following order:

1. Unsubsidized Direct Loans
2. Subsidized Direct Loans
3. Federal PLUS Loans
4. Federal Pell Grant
5. Federal SEOG

Federal College Work-Study Funds are not subject to these refund provisions.

If federal financial aid funds have already been credited to the student’s account and the student withdraws from Bloomsburg University before completing the time needed to “earn the financial aid”, these funds may be withdrawn from the student’s account, thus leaving an outstanding balance to the university.

If financial aid funds are given to a student to be used for non-institutional costs of education (i.e. an off-campus apartment, food, books, etc.), a portion of these funds may also need to be returned to satisfy the overpayment.

Any student who is receiving Federal financial aid and is contemplating withdrawal from the university should contact the Financial Aid Office or the Bloomsburg University Bursar Office to determine how the Federal refund policy governing financial aid will affect them.

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