Undergraduate Tuition and Fees - Fall/Spring


Tuition and fees for credits held at BU locations
  •   In-State
  •   Out-of-State

Online Undergraduate Programs

Tuition and fees for 100% Online Programs (Certificate & Degree) which qualify include the following:

Program Name Program Type Program Level
Digital Forensics Certificate Undergraduate
Playwork Certificate Undergraduate

  •   In-State
  •   Out-of-State (Admission Term Prior to Summer 2019)
  •   Out-of-State (Admission Term is Summer 2019 and later)

The out-of-state tuition rate for 100% online programs (certificate and degree) applies only to those credits that are 100% online. Credits, including internships, taken during the program that are not 100% online are charged the regular out-of-state tuition rate.

Distance Education

Tuition and fees for internships, clinical experiences, student teaching, and courses held at non-BU locations (Distance Education)

  •   In-State
  •   Out-of-State