John Okpara

John Okpara

John Okpara Chair, Department of Management and Marketing
Sutliff 358 | 570-389-4123 | Email

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Representative Research:

  • Kabongo, J. D. & Okpara, J. O. (2011). Entrepreneurship course offerings within high education institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research, 16 (4), 296-308.
  • Ohn, J., Okpara, J. O. , & Vidovic, M. (2011). The Slope of the U.S. Nominal Treasury Yield Curve Unemployment and Stability of Wage Determination: United States versus New York State. New York Economic Review, 41 (1), 3-13.
  • Okpara, J. O. & Kabongo, J. D. (2011). Cross-Cultural Training and Expatriate Adjustment: A Study of Western Expatriates in Nigeria,. Journal of World Business, 46, 22-30.
  • Okpara, J. O. & Pamela, W. (2011). Stakeholders Perceptions about Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for Poverty Alleviation,. Thunderbird International Business Review.
  • Okpara, J. O. (2011). Factors Constraining the Growth and Survival of SMEs in Nigeria: Implications for Poverty Alleviation. Management Research News, 34 (2), 156-171.